PTA Wants Public Officials To Patronise Public Schools


Mr Umaru Ebeyan, Chairman, National Parents Teachers Association of Nigeria (NAPTAN), Nasarawa chapter, has advocated for a law to compel public officials to enroll their wards in public schools.

The NAPTAN Chairman made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Lafia.

According to him, public officers deliberately neglect public institutions simply because their children are either in private schools or schooling in foreign countries.

He said that the law should make it mandatory for all public officials, from the Councillor to the President, as well as appointed and highly government officials, to send their children to public schools.

The law should prescribe serious punishment for any elected or appointed public official who violates this. The sanctions should include vacating the office,” he said.

“Those saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that public institutions work, must discharge that role or face the consequences of their actions,” NAPTAN Chairman added.

Ebeyan blamed failing standard of education in public schools to lack of motivation of the teachers.

“Some teachers stay for more than eight years on one position without promotions; there are no incentives like  annual increments. Government hardly supply chalks, dossiers among others, to schools.

“How can a person working under this condition be motivated to put in his or her best when there is no carrier progression?”

He called on the government to also provide car/motorcycle and housing loans to teachers to create enabling environments for better service delivery.


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