Proof That President Tinubu Attended Chicago State University (Video, Photo)


(News investigators) This thread is in response to some misguided people that are saying Bola Tinubu did not graduated from Chicago state and those asking for his class mates.

Below is the proof that he actually did Attended Chicago State University.

1. The photo Album for Chicago State University graduate of 1979

2. A video of one of Tinubu classmate “Tunde Badejo” stating that he attended Chicago State University with Tinubu

3. The photo of Tunde Badejo in the class of 1979 yearbook of Chicago State University

In the video below, Tunde Badejo mentioned how Tinubu was in Accounting then and he Tunde was in Mathematics. He mentioned that Tinubu love politics and football that time and he was a good student.

Checking Tunde Badejo photo in the school yearbook, it can be seen that it is the same exact person.


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