Priest Urges Religious Leaders To Preach Against Consumption Of Methamphetamine By Southeast Youths


News Investigators/ A Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Albert Ikpenwa, on Thursday in Enugu urged religious leaders in the Southeast to preach against consumption of methamphetamine, a dangerous hard drug by youths.

Youths in the southeast nicknamed addictive Methamphetamine,, as “Ice’’ or “Mkpurummiri’’ (water drop).

Consumers drop the crystal Methamphetamine in bottles of water; shake to mix well before consumption

Mr Ikpenwa, also Rector, Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that he was worried at the rate at which youths in the southeast consumed the hard drug.

The clergyman said religious leaders had a great role to play to ensure that youths understood the health implications of drug abuse.

“The Church has always promoted the sacredness of human lives.

“Preach against the killing of one another; preach against the consumption of substances that can make people commit suicide or become useless.

Priests must continue to preach about preservation of lives and healthy living,’’ he said.

Mr Ikpenwa particularly urged religious leaders to preach against and condemn in strong terms, the rising trend of “Mkpurummiri’’ consumption.

“This is killing our youths and it is unbelievable that someone would see what would kill him and yet consume it.

“If people are well brought up, they will know the deleterious effect of hard drugs,’’ he said.

“How can a reasonable person consume what he knew killed another person or dealt with the consumer badly and go ahead to consume it?’’ he queried.


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