POEM: Candour Flows Within The Word I Speak


By Kayode Ajulo (SAN)

In the realm of wisdom, I take my stand,
Intelligence, the beacon that guides my hand.
With a mind keen and sharp, I seek to explore,
Unveiling truths and knowledge at my core.

Candour flows within the words I speak,
Honesty and truth, the virtues I seek.
For in sincerity, trust is built strong,
And integrity echoes in every song.

Respect, a cornerstone of my being,
A virtue that transcends all I am seeing.
For every soul, a reverence I hold,
In unity and kindness, stories unfold.

Street credibility, a badge I wear,
Earned through trials faced with utmost care.
Through life’s battles and challenges embraced,
I’ve grown resilient, a spirit untamed.

Intelligence, candour, respect, and more,
The foundation of who I am at my core.
With these virtues, I navigate life’s tide,
Guided by light, with grace as my guide.

For in the tapestry of my soul’s design,
These qualities intertwine, forever entwined.
And as I journey through this world’s expanse,
I’ll shine with authenticity and take my chance.


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