Peter Obi Vs Tinubu: 14th June 2023 Live Court Updates 


(News investigators) Good morning gentlemen and ladies, welcome to today’s live updates on proceedings at the tribunal.

Sit back and enjoy.

But before we proceed ,I will love to give you a summary of what transpired in court yesterday,13 JUNE,2023.

Proceedings Began at about 9:35am.

LP Brought in a Massive Collection of Evidence both Pre and During Proceeding .

— HE Peter Obi was Absent But Duly Represented by The Legal Counsel Team

LP Legal Counsel Team Today Was Led by Dr Livy Uzoukwu SAN.

—Proceedings’ Presentation Was Led By Peter Afuba SAN & Audu Anuga (SAN) .

—Forms for the Following States Were Presented by LGA

—Niger (10 LGAs/45 Forms) EC40G

—Osun (23 LGAs / 23 Forms) EC40G-PU 

—Edo (3 LGAs/17 Forms ) EC40G-PU 

—Edo (12 LGAs/ 12 Forms) EC40G-1 

—Edo (8 Reports Duly Certified by INEC) For Full State 

—Sokoto (5LGAs/52 Forms) EC40G-PU

—Sokoto(4 LGAs /15 Forms) ECG40 

—Sokoto ( 2 LGAs /2 Forms) EC40G-1

IREV Reports for the Following States By LGA Were Presented as Well:

—Adamawa(20 Blurred & 21 Not Blurred) , Ekiti (16) , Rivers (19 Presented but Withdrawn by Petitioners to Be Presented again Tomorrow) , Akwa Ibom (25) , Edo (13) 

All Documents & IREV Reports Presented Were Opposed by Respondents, Admitted by Court and Tagged with an Exhibit Number

Proceedings Ended at About 12:45pm and Adjourned Till Tomorrow, Wednesday June 14th 2023 by 9am.

CREDIT ; @misspearls, twitter.


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