Obi: Dangote Refinery Will Give Us Additional Savings On Foreign Exchange


(News investigators) Journalists caught up with his excellency, Peter obi during the commissioning of dangote refinery.

What do you think or say is the benefit of this massive refinery in Nigeria?

For me, the project contribution is immeasurable.
It is immeasurable to our economy. 
It is immeasurable to our country Nigeria and to Africa. Because if you look at one of the biggest drain to our foreign exchange which is affecting our reserve and exchange rate is our foreign exchange. This will impact positively into our being able to have additional savings to our foreign exchange and rebuilding our reserve which will go a long way in impacting on our rate.

What do you think about the price of pms? Do you think it will come down or stay where it is?

Quite frankly it is not whether it comes down or stay where it is.
For me it is about availability and being able to turn around the economy where this can contribute in using the resources we are going to save in other areas in order to propel moving the country from CONSUMPTION TO PRODUCTION.


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