PDP Vows To ‘Unearth’ Buhari’s Election Flaws In Court

PDP National Chairman
PDP National Chairman

By Sadiq Umar – The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), says its decision to challenge the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari in the February 23 Presidential Election in the court, is irreversible.

PDP’s National Chairman, Uche Secondus, while addressing journalists on Friday in Abuja said it is necessary for the party to go to court to expose the flaws in the last Saturday elections and ensure that justice is done.

“We will go to court. Nobody will stop us from going to court and bring out all of the facts both the international observers and some people have not seen.

“We will unearth them at the court and I believe that justice will be done at the court.

 “Because, if we continue to suppress injustice and go sentimental, the country will continue to pile on gun powder that will explode one day.

According to Mr. Secondus, “So much injustice has been done in this country and if we allow it and it continues to pile, nobody knows what will happen.

“So, that’s why we decided as good citizens and law-abiding and people who believe in rule of law that we will go,” Mr. Secondus said.

The National Chairman, while commenting on the meeting between PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar and the National Peace Committee, said: “There was no condition. Initially, we were not to talk with them because a decision had been taken to go to court, but because of the personalities involved, we said ok, let’s just talk.

“There was no condition. There was no request of any condition.

“We made it clear that unless the injustices are addressed, there is no room for peace. It is only when you address the injustice that you can now sit down for peace,” he said.

“While the military was suppressing voters in PDP strong hold areas in the South, a different abracadabra was going on in some northern states particularly in Kano, Yobe, Borno and Zamfara States where numbers refuse to add up.

“In Borno, Yobe and Zamfara States, confirmed report shows that there was non-compliance in the use of Smart card reader as approved by INEC rules”.

“The same applies to cancelled votes, in Nasarawa State over 115,000votes cancelled, Kogi 79,000 votes, Plateau 30,000 votes indicating that these high incidence of vote cancellation were designed to suppress the margin of victory in PDP strongholds.

 “Like our presidential candidate assured, we shall triumph at the end because democracy has come to stay in this country and is staying by the grace of God.

“I also wish to reiterate to our security agencies particularly the Army that they are not at war with any section of her citizens and they must try to be professional in their duties by staying away from election matters as directed by the Supreme Court of the land”


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