OPINION: Wazirin Atiku Abubakar And The Renaissance Of Restructuring

Former Vice President

By  Benjamin Ogueri Enwerem

3 Years of APC is a Millennium just too long to bear.

It is excruciatingly hard to imagine that the collective patience of Nigerians have indeed survived these three years of gruesome killings, hunger, abject poverty and atrocious impunity since the Buhari administration. What buggles the mind even more, is the ostentatious abuse of truism by every surrogate of the Federal Government. One is pushed to ponder and perhaps, accept the fact that Nigerians are really a people whose resilience to these afflictions is truly unrivalled. They have seen and watched the most unthinkable things happen to them but like a quiet brook, they have persevered and kept an uncanny and sometimes, questionable silence. These three years, still counting, have further thinned the people’s weary and fragile patience, dragging them through heavy, tempestuous and perilous times. Finally, we are beginning to see the aged contours of exasperation vividly etched on the faces of these heavily tormented people. Their backs have finally been broken by the futility of the perfidious promises of a cruel and conscienceless Buhari regime.

We have watched in utter disgust and disbelief, how a grown Alh. Lai Mohammed, a titled man and a minister, is not bashful to spew out series of straight faced lies for a regime that must conceal evil at all cost. We have also unfortunately witnessed a Vice President dismantle his reverence for sycophancy. Is it not a shame that a law professor, VP Osibanjo, will continuously give teeth to several blatant abuses of the tenets of our Constitution and rules of law? On his watch as a legal ‘luminary’, citizens like Dasuki are unlawfully incarcerated before they are tried. He is scared to differ from his boss and has joined the league of ‘see no evil, hear no evil’. This VP in his ecclesiastical disposition, has nothing to say about the rape of electoral justice in Ekiti. This same VP is the designated ‘FALL GUY’ of the regime and at the very expense of integrity, he is ever ready and willing to absorb any jab meant for PMB. This seemingly ‘honourable’ VP has turned a classical stooge, a proxy, in fact, a mere janitor for cleaning up presidential mess.

Is it not baffling and trifling also, how some Journalists like Jide Otitoju of Tinubu’s TVC are derailing ethical journalism by masterminding and foisting fallacious propagations for the APC? His Apologies for APC and endorsements of the regime’s actions or inactions are PITIFUL to say the least. “This earth my brother”.

What more can the APC do or offer to Nigerians? What lies remain to be told? Nigerians are fed up. Yes, their eyes are wide open, they are set for freedom and they can see much more clearer now. Every corner of this nation is experiencing for the first time since the end of the civil war, a ground swell of awakening and anxiety. A yearning for a fresh start amidst the lingering hope for a united Nigeria.

This last vestige of hope for a united Nigeria is counting on the RENAISSANCE OF RESTRUCTURING to breathe Life into it. While the Buhari administration tries to play Russian roulette with the issue of Restructuring, a man of impeccable virtues has already forged ahead with a masterplan and blueprint.

Here comes Wazirin Atiku Abubakar, an accomplished administrator, massive employer of labour and more importantly, a highly metropolitan 21st century citizen who knows Nigeria and her challenges too well.

This is the man Nigerians have patiently waited for. A man who since the history of our Democracy, have made sacrifices for the love of country. He has been patient and selfless and has maintained this virtue over the years. When asked whether he is desperate in seeking to serve as president, he said:

“If I am desperate, I wouldn’t have stepped down for M.K.O Abiola in 1993 presidential race,”

His humility and temperament is ideal at this time when Nigeria needs healing and a compassionate leader to dry her tears of sorrow from the scars of hopelessness, injustice and senseless killings that have ravaged the country . The Country cannot afford to remake the mistake of 2015. Nigerians can barely hang on to the remaining months of Buhari’s bizzare blizzard misgovernance.

Restructuring by the Wazirin Atiku Abubakar’s led government is sure to restore confidence and vibrancy to the well-being of all. Regions will cater to their own economic development and growth. Healthy and respectable inter-regional competition will make for a stronger Nation. State and Community Policing will guarantee maximum security. Trade and Investment will flourish. Tourism will gain unfettered patronage.

“Who the cap fits, let him wear it”


Viva Wazirin ATIKU ABUBAKAR@2019.


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