OPINION: Rivers: Before Every One Is Killed


By Ibrahim Modibbo

I have no doubt in my mind that Gov. Nyesom Wike of Rivers state is a tragic hero. Taking full control of primitive power after a recently dubious and highly contestable supreme Court judgement, Rivers, in the words of Karl Maier, is a house that’s fallen. Just like what Adolf Hitler did to the Jews, Wike(d) is on the verge of achieving a global notoriety of political terrorism with the intent to wipe out a whole generation of political class in the opposition in Rivers.

After securing the ticket of the Guber race from the PDP shortly before the last elections, the man went on rampage. Along with his political bandits and thugs, he fleeced the soul of Rivers and frittered away its innocence and today, the state sit on a keg of gun powder or better still the “Killing field of the South south.

The government he superintends, is an outrageous example of brazen impunity with predatory instincts. It is on a voyage of ignorance and comic political adventurism, that is laced with rascally motivated self serving rhetorics based on infantile display of primitive temper tantrums of the stone age.

Heeding the recent call by Wike to burn alive members of the opposition and other electoral personnel who stand on their way to victory in the forthcoming elections in Rivers, the APC in the last one week has lost over thirty powerful stakeholders through murders. Mr Franklin, an APC ward 4 chairman in Ogba/ Egbeme/ Ndoki LGA along with his wife and son were brutally murdered in cold blood and beheaded. Gabriel Cookey and four other APC stalwarts were clubbed and killed by alleged PDP members in Obibi, Etche LGA while only yesterday, Ofinijife Amachree in what could be described as the greatest satanic display of primitivism, was similarly set ablaze in broad day light. With all these atrocities, there is the need to declare a state of emergency in Rivers, as the Governor has abdicated his responsibility of protecting lives and property.

My appeal to the President is not to be complacent or lethargic in standing up to be counted in this hour of need. All men of goodwill must save Rivers from this modern day Hitler. After all, Napoleon the great was quoted as saying ” The world suffers a lot not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people”.

Ibrahim MODIBBO is an Abuja based journalist and commentator on National issues and can be reached through ibrahimmodibbo60@gmail.com, 08026339636

Note that the views expressed are that of the writer, it does not necessarily reflect the view of News Investigators


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