OPINION: Nigeria: Time To Domesticate United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250

Attorney General and Minister of Justice
Attorney General and Minister of Justice

By Lawal Rafiu Adeniran

On the 9th December 2015, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 2250. This is the first Resolution that deals with the role of young people on issues of peace and security. This global policy framework was and is still been celebrated by youth across the globe because it recognizes the actual potentials of youth in conflict and post conflict reconstruction.

This resolution was adopted because the world realized that it cannot build sustainable peace without the involvement of youth, protecting their lives, meaningfully engaging and empowering them on issues of peace and security. This resolution gives recognition and legitimacy to the several works been done by youth at local, state and national levels towards building lasting peace.

The importance of this resolution cannot be over emphasized, putting into consideration the fact that the world is currently experiencing a wave of youth bulge; there is an increasing population of youth when compared with other age groups. In Nigeria for example an estimated 70% of her population is under the age of 35. Given this demographic advantage, it is only imperative that youth are involved and included in decision making and peacebuilding.

The United Nations Security Council Resolution 225O has five (5) main components which mandates governments to increase the participation of young people in decision making institutions at local, state and national levels; ensure the protection of youth and civilians during conflict and in post conflict settings; support youth by creating conducive atmosphere so as to allow them implement violent prevention and peacebuilding activities; establish and strengthen partnerships with relevant actors by engaging and empowering them on issues of countering violent extremism, social cohesion and inclusion and lastly that government should disengage youth from taking violent actions through the provision of job opportunities, education, capacity building and trainings, civic engagement programmes and take possible actions to support the ideas and aspirations of young persons.

All member states of the United Nations including Nigeria have been mandated to implement and domesticate the contents of this resolution at local, state and national levels.

The United Nations has done her part by adopting this resolution; it now lies on youth across Nigeria to ensure that it is acted upon. Youth across Nigeria must demand the domestication and implementation of UNSCR 2250 from their leaders at local, state and national government. Both lawmakers and policy makers must be lobbied on the importance and need to implement this resolution in Nigeria. All youth must join in spreading this word. Let people know about the existence of this resolution, what it says and why it is important to young people.


Lawal Rafiu Adeniran, is the National Coordinator, Nigeria Youth for Peace Initiative

Basorun, Ibadan, Oyo State


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