Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta

The online medium and some prints have been awashed with reports from one  group that referred to itself as Ex Militants. Having taking time to read through their baseless  allegations against Kingsley Kuku, it was discovered that some persons are ready to start an un called for agitation with ulterior motives and been sponsored by some persons that are not happy with the stability currently been enjoyed in the Niger Delta States presently. While we are not spokes man or working in the Presidential  Amnesty office,  we know a bit of how the place is been run right from the days of Timi Alaibe.

 The consultants is what they use to train the ex Militants, and these consultants are dully screened and their papers passed through procurement before been mobilized.  The only role been played by kingsley Kuku  as the Special Adviser here  is to ensure the programme is well implemented without fear and Favour. Don’t also forget that the programme has three phases, which includes the re orientation stage, training and capacity building which is broken down into skilled and unskilled and re integration. As we all know the first phase is been completed while the second stage as taken care of the unskilled remaining the skilled training, it is expected that the re integration goes along side the training. So one wonders why the noise about derailing from the set mandate of the programme.
They need to  be informed that the Amnesty Programme has board members which comprises of the major known militants. If they are not happy with the way it’s been run, they would have spoken out by now. The group speaking should speak straight.
Since they claimed to have list of fake people undergoing training now, let them bring it out. They should not expect Kingsley Kuku to be the one to bring out the list. We all know their is a procedure for generating the lists, which is usually shared across the camps. If they have been marginalized, by their leader they should not transfer such aggression on Kuku that  is doing a good job.
Oil theft check is not part of his mandate, the parastatals responsible to that should be charged and asked questions. Why have they not called for removal of NIMASA head since? Who gets the contract of water way monitoring? They should not hide behind this fact to commit criminality, let them just say they want to return back to the creeks. We all know that despite the amnesty programme, some of them still indulge in the oil theft.
Conclusively, we know where this is coming from at times like this. Let it be known that we won’t accept further marginalization of our own doing his best to see the flag flying on trivial matters anymore.  The only oil producing state in Yoruba land is Ondo State, and Kingsley Kuku is from there, his appoint,ent was not accident of history as he has his record and also involved in the draft and initial negotiation done while brokering out this current accord of laying down of arm against the state.  Why is this noise and agitation coming now when he is re engaging leaders of thought in our region on need to support National Dialogue? This is not when he should be distracted from delivering the required deliverables.   We don’t want  to believe that part of  their worry is because he is not from south south, he is from south west they should know that he comes from oil producing state in the country and thus entitled to occupy the office he is currently occupying.
The era of share the loot and cheap money no longer exists, of you want to eat you should be prepared to be ready to work, and such works must be diligent one.  Let nothing happen to our own, that is doing a good job which is visible to all.
We know its not easy to satisfy all, let us use this medium to call all hands on deck to support him in delivering his mandate on the Presidential Amnesty Programme.
Morgan Omodu
Publicity Secretary (OYA)