Nigerian Military Fired Back At CNN, Says Report On Soldiers Is Satanic

Former Nigerian Chief of Defence Staff

The Federal Government on Friday reacted to the reports on the Cable News Network (CNN) which portrayed the Nigerian soldiers as ill-equipped in its battle against the Boko Haram insurgents, describing it as “satanic report (that) should be of concern to all patriots and Nigeria’s well wishers.”

The government also called the report an “orchestrated blackmail propaganda by entrenched interests.”

The CNN had given a pitiable account of what Nigerian soldiers are going through in the battlefield in the face of a brutal insurgent attacks, saying that “military is hopelessly outgunned” and that “Boko Haram has anti-aircraft weapons; the soldiers have AK47 assault riffles and are given just 60 bullets each,” it added.

The report was a narrative of a detailed interview of two soldiers in Jos, Plateau state, anchored by CNN’s International Correspondent, Nic Robertson.

According to the report, one of the soldiers narrated how he was abandoned by his colleagues in the battlefield who fled from insurgent attack and how he took three days to walk 70km back to the base.

“Army medics refused to pay the $200 for medicine to treat his injuries, the report said, blaming the shortcoming on corruption in the military.

But in a swift reaction Friday, the Defence Headquarters in Abuja, fired back at the cable news network, saying the report is “ultra-biased.”

“The Federal Government and the Military Leadership are concerned, committed and focused on the ongoing fight against terror,” it said via a tweet.

Adding: “The orchestrated blackmail propaganda by entrenched interests as clearly illustrated by the ultra-biased CNN report will not deter the Military.

“If it is true that a Nigerian Soldier will willfully go against the rules by speaking without due authorization and misinform the foreign media, then it indicates how deeply committed and how far the interest of these enemies of Nigeria and humanity have gone in trying to undermine and destroy the Military.

“The motive of this satanic CNN report should be of concern to all patriots and Nigeria’s well wishers. We believe that appropriate security agencies will also work on the root of this blackmail against the nation. The fight is not for the Military alone,” it further stated.