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Nigeria Is World’s Untapped Cultural Hub, Says U.S.-Based Arts Promoter

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(News Investigators)/ Nigeria is the untapped cultural hub of the world, according to Joyce Adewumi, a U.S. arts and culture official.

Ms. Adewumi, who is the Chairperson of the Arts and Culture Committee in Manhattan Community, New York, stated this in a presentation at a Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) conference in New York during the week.

She said with a rich cultural heritage in the areas of food, fashion, visual arts, music, dance and festivals, among others, Nigeria was a cultural superpower waiting to happen.

Ms. Adewumi, founder of the New York African Chorus Ensemble (NYACE), an organisation dedicated to the promotion of African arts and culture in the U.S., also drew attention to Nigeria’s promising tourism sector.

What is lacking, according to her, are deliberate efforts by government and other stakeholders to develop and market the sectors to the world.

According to her, developing the sectors was critical to actualisation of the SDGs, “because culture is inclusive, benefits all people, respects the people and the land, and is very lucrative”.

“This is the time for acknowledging, celebrating and harnessing Nigeria’s rich culture.

“It is time for Nigerians to become aware of the importance of our diverse cultural heritage.

“Nigeria must not be ashamed of promoting the God-made wonders that abound all over the nation.

“We have to package Nigeria in her best light to bring her to the forefront, similar to how aspects of the American culture were packaged for the rest of the world,” she said.

To this end, she urged Nigerian consulates around the world, working with Diaspora organisations, to organise concerts and arts exhibitions in their countries of residence.

These, she said, would serve as verifiable platforms for Nigerian artists and musicians to showcase not only their talents but also the country’s enormous cultural assets to the world.

Ms. Adewumi also called for the creation of an information hub by Nigerian missions around the world on arts and cultural events in Nigeria and by Nigerians in their host countries.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Ms. Adewumi’s NYACE organises the popular annual New York City Multicultural Festival.

Through the organisation, she also organises cultural annual cultural tours to Nigeria, according to her.



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