Nigeria Finnish Association Calls For Stronger Nigeria, Finland Ties


News Investigators/ The Nigerian Finnish Association has advocated stronger bilateral relations between Nigeria and Finland.

The call was made during its extraordinary general meeting where the current executive committee led by its President, Senator Otunba Gbenga Daniel was ratified for another tenure of two years.

The Association emphasized the need to foster meaningful discussion on strategic economic cooperation and alliance between the two countries especially in the spirit of global development and alignment.

“There is a lot that Nigeria and Finland can do together in the area of security, education exchanges, knowledge sharing, respect for rule of law and human rights.

“The Nigerian Finnish Association calls for the strengthening of trade and development cooperation between both countries while reiterating the association’s support and commitment to promote the agenda for mutually beneficial socio-economic growth and prosperity.”

The Nigeria Finnish Association established in 2002 as a platform to advance and promote contacts for the benefit of individuals, companies and organizations and in particular for the advancement of political, scientific, technological, economic, educational and cultural matters and activities between Nigeria and Finland thereby promoting mutual understanding and co-operation between the two countries

The Association further congratulates Finland on the celebration of her 106th Independence anniversary and the putting to Sea the magnificent “Icon of the Sea” which is reputed as the world’s largest Ship scheduled to set sail in January, 2024. Ship building is another area where there could be mutually beneficial exchanges between Nigeria and Finland.


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