Nigeria @ 56: ‎Rep. Canvasses Support For Buhari


As Nigeria celebrates her 56th independence anniversary, a member of the Federal House of Representatives, AbdulRaheem Olajide Jimoh has called on Nigerians to support President MUhammadu Buhari and endeavour to maintain national unity, and attitudinal change to achieve positive results.


Hon. Jimoh said in a statement released in Lagos and made available to the press on the occasion of the nation’s independence anniversary that all hands must be on deck to support the change campaign of the Federal Government, adding that President Buhari is absolutely committed to bringing positive change to our economy.

Jimoh, who is representing Lagos Mainland Constituency, stressed that the expectations of Nigerians are that the ruling government should turn things around, but he urged the people to be patient with the President, who he said would leave no stone unturned to fulfill all his campaign promises.

According to him, “we all know that the country is passing through economic recession and everyone is feeling the consequences, but I am assuring Nigerians that President Buhari is working hard to ensure good governance in the country, which had not been experienced since the last 16 years.

“This cannot be achieved or attainable without sacrifice, support, dedication and discipline. President Buhari is absolutely committed to restoring our economy to normal, but this also requires patience on the part of the people.

“With the clear plans, policies and decisions of our government, very soon, the Nigerian economy would be the best ever and Nigerians will do nothing than to thank President Buhari’s government and the APC.

“I congratulates Nigerians, Lagosians and the people of Mainland Constituency on this occasion of the 56th Independence anniversary of our great country. Let’s  work together with a change of attitude to ourselves, community and our country as a whole. Support the present government as they have been adopting many measures to ensure good governance and betterment of Nigerians.”


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