Niger Delta Avengers Says No Dialogue With FG, Claims Responsibility For Bombing Of Chevron’s Well RMP 20


By Sadiq Umar – The Niger Delta Avengers on Wednesday dismissed claim that it has entered into negotiating with the federal government on how to stem the spate of bombing of in the Niger Delta zone.

Niger Delta Avengers

The group warned that whoever the government may be discussing with does not represent the NDA and as such discussion is an exercise in futility.

According to information posted on its Twitter handle, @ND Avengers, the group said the federal government is on its own if indeed there is such discussion.

“This is to the Gen. public we’re not negotiating with any Committee. if Fed Govt is discussing wth any group they’re doing that on their own,” the group tweeted.

Meanwhile, the Avengers claimed they have also blown up another oil well belonging to Chevron.

They tweeted that the attack was carried out 01.00 hours on Wednesday, affecting Well RMP 20 belonging to Chevron located away from Dibi flow station in Warri North Local government Aarea of delta state.

The tweet reads: “At 1:00am today, the @NDAvengers blow up Well RMP 20 belonging to Chevron located 20 meters away from Dibi flow Stattion in Warri North.”

The group has been sustaining deadly attacks on the nation’s oil installations across the Niger Delta states, raising fears of possible zero oil production that the Avengers are targeting



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