National Conference, A Diversionary Loot Venture for the Cabals

Goodluck Jonathan

Dear sir,

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On October 1, 2013, Nigeria President announced in a national broadcast that he proposed to organize a national conference.

The committee for modalities of the conference was to be led by Senator Femi Okurounmu, which was to submit its report within a month of its inauguration.

The call for the conference has been on for a while from most of the looters of the country who saw the way the administration was running as not extending the ‘Kola’ to nook and crannies of the country especially those outside the ruling party.

Well, it would have been a good plan had the conference was to consider the plights of the masses. Without mincing words, no genuine interest of the masses would be discussed even as no true democrat would be invited to the conference.

In 2005, Ex-president Obasanjo was reported to have dished out at least N21.68million Naira to each of the delegates. This is the real intent of the organizers and most of the promoters of such event.

Till date, nothing could be said by any discerning mind as the contribution of the 2005 conference to the development of Nigeria except that it added to the country’s socio-economic and political problems

However, one thing glaring is that the wealthy people always find ways of enriching themselves at the expense of the unsuspecting masses by creating opportunity to replenish their drying pockets anytime they deem fit.

On the other hand, the masses that were mostly oblivious of the ploy to perpetually keep them out of the system continue supporting the pseudo-conference as an avenue to discuss the challenges.

If I might ask, would the masses who were supposed to constitute the participants be invited? At last, it is the same Vainglorious Praise-singers of the Incumbent that would be invited to discuss how to win the next election and share national cake at the corner-side of the seat of power without much hullaballoo from the secluded poverty ravaged members of the public.

What a pity! In his ‘Wealth of Nation’ Book, Adam Smith warned the masses that until they fight the ruling elites, no decision of the government would favour the masses.

Is this not what transpires in our society? If at all a sincere national conference would be held, could it be under this lie-glorious regime? Take samples of the plethora of lies: I’ll not Contest 2015 election- Jonathan (Vanguard Newspaper, February 1, 2011). He was reported to have made the vow in Ankara, Turkey and never denied the report until 2013. Similarly, Vanguard of March 28, 2012 reported that the president vowed to eliminate Boko Haram menace by June 2012 and until now tears continue rolling on the people eyes while the problem persists.

In a similar vein, the Punch of September 7, 2012 reported the deputy Speaker of the house of representative as saying ‘new constitution would be ready by June 2013. Till now (October 2013), I am yet to see a new constitution for Nigeria.

What a blatant lie after many years of failed promise! The Subsidy removal of January 2012 in which Nigerians were assured of better future in employment generation and economic revitalization are yet to be realistic.

I guess the conference is not an attempt to share the SURE-P proceeds for another jamboree to introduce excruciating policies which may silence the potential opponents and oppress the masses in a more harsh way.

To my people, I alert you that if 2014 should be the year of the conference and the lion share of the year budget is committed to the conference, then you should accept that 2015 election is the target and the delegates are automatic promoters of he that fed them although few of them may be difficult to intimidate. In a nutshell, the conference was an attempt to dissuade Nigerians attention from thorough monitoring of the government by identifying the targets that might be necessary to eliminate or silence the opposition by 2015 through various deceptive means.