National Confab: Why APC States Make U-Turn

APC member

Fact emerged yesterday on the All Progressive Congress ((APC) controlled-states latest decision to attend the forthcoming National Confab despite its earlier opposition stance, as it reasoned that its absence would deprive its citizens the opportunity of taking part in the national dialogue.

Ekiti State Governor Kayode Fayemi, had hinted on Sunday that APC controlled state would send delegates to the planned national conference as requested by Federal Government.

Fayemi had in Press state issued in Ekiti explained that the governors of APC controlled states are of the opinion that the generality of the people of their respective states should be given the chance to express their views on sundry national issues at the Conference.

However, briefing newsmen in Abuja on Monday, Senator Anthony Adeniyi, who explained the sudden change of heart by the party said, though nothing would come out of the conference because, according to him, “there is no legal backing for it, but APC controlled states will send delegate in order not to deprive the citizens of those state from participating.”

Senator Adeniyi who was one of the delegate that participated in 1995 National Confab under military rule said while the Abacha conference was backed up by decree, insisting that there was no legal backing for the Jonathan National Conference.

Rather, he said that the forth-coming conference would be an exercise in futility, alleging that the conference was set up on whims and caprice of President Goodluck Jonathan.

According to him, “you cannot just  wake up and do it, there is no law backing it up I was part of Abacha confab there was a decree on it where does it derive authority. It is just a charade.”