Myth Busters – 5 Myths About Braids Busted


(NEWS INVESTIGATORS) Protective styling is extremely popular thanks to its numerous benefits and braids are definitely one of the most common go-to amongst them all. However, there are a number of myths surrounding braids and we’ve taken it upon us to debunk these myths for you. Right from receding hairlines to hair loss – there are quite a few out there so read on up some myth busting around braids.

1. Braids Make Hair Weak and Brittle

If you don’t take good care of your hair any hairstyle can lead to brittle hair. But the thing with natural hair is that it tends to be dry and brittle and thus needs moisture. Failing to take good care of it by leaving your braids on for longer than recommended as well as not washing and moisturizing as recommended means they’re bound to turn weak and brittle. But there’s a reason by African Pride Moisture Miracle Honey & Coconut Oil Shampoois our favourite. It is gentle on hair and is perfect for washing braids. The honey and coconut concoction is known to have moisturizing and strengthening properties and we all know that well-nourished hair = healthy hair!

2. Braids are the reason for a Receding Hairline

Hair loss in protective hairstyles only takes place when there is too much pressure and tugging at the hair and ultimately the scalp. It only is the case if your braids are not well installed. Make sure you get your braids installed by an experienced stylist who takes into consideration your hair type and structure as well as the weight of the extensions. We recommend using Darling One Million braids – they are super easy to install, extremely lightweight, perfect for all types of hair and doesn’t tug at your hair and scalp.

3. Washed Braids Can Be Smelly

Keep in mind that if your braids are thick, it will take longer than usual for them to dry out effectively. Heading will have to wait as wet braids can lead to mildew which in turn can lead to smelly hair. It’s key to choose your braids basis your lifestyle. If you’re always on the go, opt for fuss-free hairstyles that are easy to maintain.

Unpleasant smell from hair can be indicative that your hair and scalp is dirty. It can also mean that your hair care regimen is not working for you. Wash hair to get rid of sweat, oil and dirt build-up. Use gentle, moisturizing shampoos such as the African Pride Moisture Miracle Honey & Coconut Oil Shampoo which is mild on the scalp and doesn’t cause irritation

4. It is Unsafe to Wear Protective Hairstyles During Pregnancy

How could braiding your hair during pregnancy cause complications? Your health or the baby’s health is not affected in any way as braids do not require harsh chemicals for maintenance or even installation. In fact, braids will make sure your hair stays protected, looks stylish and stays out of the way during your special time. Use products as such as African Pride Moisture Miracle 5 Essential Oils as they are gentle on your hair and scalp and are enriched with not one or two, but five essential oils! This includes grapeseed, castor, argan, coconut and olive oil that seals in moisture and adds shine.

5. Braids Are Unhealthy for Scalp Health

Braids are not unhealthy for the scalp. It is oil and product build-up that can affect your scalp’s health. Washing your braids will help rid any product build up or dirt residue, leaving them looking refreshed.


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