My Unforgettable Encounter With Kidnappers -Pst. Olumide Oni

Senior Regional Overseer, Pastor Olumide Oni

“The leader of the kidnappers who happened to be a woman ordered us to undress, they also removed their own clothes, we were all naked….” – Pst. Olumide Oni
Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries is a firebrand praying and deliverance ministries devoted to the revival of apostolic signs and wonders as of old. This partly explains why it is conservative in nature especially when it comes to media engagement and publicity. Same for the ministers of the Church. But after years of ungranted requests, Pastor Olumide Oni, a Senior Regional Overseer at its International HQ Annex, Wuye Abuja final agreed to tell the stories behind an impactful ministry, his adventure in kidnappers den, benefit of a life of obedience and how he was healed of impotence. It is a compelling reading.

Q Without doubt, God has not only shown you His way, He has also shown you His act. We heard that at one point you were a victim of kidnappers long ago presumably when you were in Lagos and miraculously God also manifested His power in your life bringing you out of their den, can you recall the experience sir?
A Over 20 years ago, that should be 2001 if I am not mistaken. I was living in a place called Kettu in Lagos. I was on my way to minister early in the morning as a deliverance pastor at our International Headquarters in Lagos, unfortunately I entered into the wrong bus, an eighteen passenger bus. All of a sudden, l noticed the bus was taking a wrong direction, instead of towards Ojota area the driver took us through the old tow gate and was going to Berger. All other passengers were sleeping, so I knew something was wrong. I spoke to the driver that this was not the right way to go, what is going on here? Is there any hold-up or any accident? Then the conductor brought out a gun and asked me to shut up. He told me this is a kidnapper’s vehicle that if I talk he was going to kill me, so I kept quiet and we kept going. We left Ogere Tow Gate, after the driver entered into a thick forest and was driving very rough. All of a sudden, we were asked to come down and the gang leader who happened to be a woman began to give order. She said we should undress, it was then I knew we have four innocent women as victims and also four brothers. I was one of the brothers. We were asked to undress so we were all naked and then they brought out a calabash. The woman gang leader ordered the boys remove your testiscles and to drop it inside the calabash while the women among us were asked to take the knife and cut their own breast, the nipples and put it there also. So it was very strange but I discovered that I was the only one talking, other victims, couldn’t talk, very strange. So I quickly brought out money, it was N7000. I said they should allow me to go, l show them my id card, that I am a deliverance pastor and that even if they force me and use my own testiscle it will not work. Curiously, l noticed they too were naked I think that was part of their ritual. And the Lord now spoke with me, the Holy spirit said you better start speaking in tongue because when you speak in tongue you speak mystery. So, I began to speak in tongue gradually, gently then that same woman the head of the kidnappers said this boy maybe one of the OPC guys o. They said his own testiscle will not work and remember he is the only one talking since, let us allow him to go since we need four testiscles and we have four other men here with us. She then ordered that I should go. So I ran, in fact, they had to called to come back that I forgot my underwear, I took it and again ran for sometime till I got to a place where I saw an lroko tree with many snail shell nailed to it. At that point, I got a stick and I broke them all. I was saying l set you free, I set you free I didn’t know what came upon me. By the time I could find my way out, it was very close to Guru Maharaji, near to Ibadan. It was like a vehicle was waiting for me there atvthe express so I entered the vehicle. Strangely, I was talking to the driver but the fellow refused to answer me but I told him where I was going and he merely nodded his head. Again, I was shocked the man did not speak a word to me as we journeyed towards Lagos. There was a time I slept off in the vehicle, by the time I was very close to Ojota, I woke up. The man took me to the second gate of our International Headquarters Lagos because I made up my mind that I want to see the G.O to tell him what I went through. By the time the fellow dropped me, I ran in before I remembered that I am supposed to call him to follow me to see the G.O, I came back but surprisingly, the vehicle was there but the man was nowhere to be found. So we were the one that took the vehicle to police station at the end of the day. It was later I discovered that it was an angel whom the Lord used with a vehicle to take me back. He arranged an angel to take me to where i should be at the right time so because my time is not yet come. I narrated the story to daddy G.O, Dr D.K Olukoya who later told me that the Lord brought me there to set those people free, those people that were nailed on the lroko tree. It was an amazing experience. Somebody like me have seen so any terrible things I have made up my mind that vanity is vanity. Nothing is important about this life, all is vanity, including riches, cars, wealth. That was my kidnapping alive today my being alive tod it was terrible experience.

Q: When were you called into the ministry?
A: I was a young boy staying with my grand-mother, Prophetess Moyode Abake. She called me one day at 2am, I was 12 years old then. She informed me that God has given me a special grace and has commissioned me to serve, that whatever I am going to do in life. I should try as much as possible to serve the Lord with all my life, that it might get to a particular stage that I cannot work under anybody apart from the House of God. That was when I was 12 years.
That same day at around 2:35am after the discussion she prayed with me and also informed that as a young boy, my manhood is not working which I know but she told me that the reason for that was because, God wanted to use me and that if that manhood was still functioning at that time, I might not yield to the call of God, so around 12 years old I knew my true identity. I knew I wasn’t an ordinary human being, so Prophetess Moyode Abake, my grand-mother asked me to go to bed after the short discussion and that was the end. She died. So that was the last message from her to me, so I knew my calling when I was 12 years old and to the glory of God she was a CAC member at Ita-Baale Olugbode, Ibadan. She happened to be an outstanding prophetess who worked closely with that wonderful man of God Apostle Ayo Babalola and Oba Akinyele who was one time king of Ibadan land. So that was the beginning of the calling.
Q: Sir, your ministerial work has taken you round. From South West to South South and now North Central, what has been your experience on this divine assignment?

A: The work after the death of my mother in the Lord, I try my best possible to be on my own, worked with people but I failed woefully in all areas. It was then I remembered what that woman said. So I began to fashion my life, way according to the will of God. So right there in CAC I became an outstanding choir member because my mother had already handed me over to the choir master when I was 7 years old in CAC. I now became a serious member when I had tried to work in many places but from one place to the other it was failure all through. I now knew that I am like a covenant child that I cannot do anything apart from serving the Lord with all my heart. So from CAC I grew up to be a leader at Ita-Baale, Olugbode CAC.
Q: When did you join mfm?
A: I came to Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries and I became a member in 1991 and also worked closely with our father in the Lord Dr D.K. Olukoya. I later became an ordained pastor in Mountain of Fire in 1994. I began my journey from House Fellowship, I served in many centers: House Fellowship leader, House Fellowship Area Coordinator. So it was a time I became a general coordinator of the house fellowship, Akoka, Lagos in those days. The Akoka House Fellowship became the first house fellowship to organize open crusade in MFM worldwide. By the grace of God, from being an House Fellowship leader, I worked shortly with the security department, from security department move again to information department later became deliverance minister and deliverance pastor respectively. I was given a promotion letter, I was transferred to Prayer City. I worked in Prayer City, I was also transferred to MFM, then South West Region 9. So I became the first Overseer in Mountain of Fire Miracles Ministries, Mowe South West Region 9 and to the glory of God, God used us mightily in that place. We were operating from a school premises belonging to a family, brother and sister Alalade. So God helped us during my own time we were able to buy a landed property for the church. We also started building and was able to complete the building to the Glory of God. During my own tenure also we had our Prayer City for Mowe Region at Owode in Ogun State. We were running the Prayer City monthly just as our father in the Lord, Dr. Olukoya also is running the Prayer City in Ibafo monthly. So, a lot of testimonies in Mowe region, a lot of property given to the church, some we bought to the Glory of God. We also have a Chalet in Prayer City that belongs to MFM Mowe region. And for the first time, a region was having their own permanent guest house or chalet. From there, we moved to coordinate the Prayer City in 2012. I became the overall leader in Prayer City from February to September by the grace of God we were able to lead in the fear of God and testimonies were also there all over the place. From Prayer City, I was given transfer to MFM Lagos region 1, the first branch of MFM worldwide. MFM Lagos region 1 was established in 1995 so I became a Regional Overseer in that place as well. So unfortunately when I am came to the place, it was like we were hearing that place from afar off because the place was like a tent, no structure at all. God gave me instruction to pull it down, we started building and the building was completed in 10 months. The building in Mowe regional headquarters was completed in 9 months, the chalet in prayer city that belongs to Mowe was completed in 7 months while Lagos region 1 building was started and completed within 10 months. The journey of Lagos region 1 continued, God gave us another landed property where we have Mountain Top Primary School, Mountain Top Secondary School and our staff quarters and the houses, apartments for all our pastors. The place is located after Ajah in Lagos Nigeria. So from then also I served for only three and a half years in Lagos region 1. The Lord spoke to me that I should move, so i talked to my Father in the Lord and he prayed about it. I was given another transfer, the same thing that happened in Mowe, God told me that my time is up and any time God passed such information across I will relate it to my father in the Lord. Same thing l did in Lekki region, I was given another assignment around Kubwa in Abuja. Kubwa was also another tent, the record is there for people to see. We started that project as well, it was wonderful to the glory of God everything in Kubwa too were completed in 7 months together with the schools. It is a wonderful Cathedral today to the glory of God moving I spent only two years and five months in that place let’s say two and half years.
The Lord spoke again, the time is up, I spoke with my Father in the Lord. I was taken to Lugbe. The Lord gave another vision concerning Lugbe that He wants me to start the Youth Church (Camp), so miraculously we were given acres of land. Quickly, the lord supported us with destiny helpers, we started the foundation we started the building, chalet including the church auditorium during my tenure. And somebody came to visit me one day, he said he saw me in the dream that I am doing something he wants to be part of it. So I took him to Lugbe MFM Youth Camp. There and then, he promised to bring transformer and bring light to that place, 500kv transformer and he has started bringing the poles as at the time I was there. The man also is still alive till today so any time they are ready for the transformer the transformer is there for them to pick.
God miraculously manifested his power in all of this journey so I spent only one year six months in Lugbe when my father in the Lord Dr olukoya told me that it is time for me to move to mfm Utako church. This is the first time in the history of my ministry that he would call me to go for transfer. I have always been the one telling him when God instruct me to leave.
Q: What’s the situation in Utako when you came in?

A: I came to mfm Utako when the entire region was very hot due to what happened here before my arrival but to the glory of God, God took over, peace reigned and God gave instruction that I should start preparing to take His people to another location. So that was what we were planning, then the corona virus started but the corona virus can not stop the move of God. It was during this corona virus time that the Lord also gave us a wonderful opportunity to establish Dorcas Empowerment School at Dakwo, so we try as much as possible to bring the students in and then to the glory of God we have recorded the first graduates last Sunday in this church. All the graduates of fashion designer were given sewing machine and shoe making department. We also bought materials and equipments for them together with laptop for those that studied computer. God is so great we also continued in all this region.
As I have mentioned, God has always been giving me opportunity to follow up the vision of our father in the Lord in the area food evangelism. I know what it is to be poor and I know food is so important, so anywhere I have ever found myself, I ensure that I put food evangelism in place, the members can eat any choice of food with two meat on top for just N200. God has been so faithful we started that in all the regions including Utako, now we are in Wuye we relocated after eleven years.
Q: When did the Wuye Church building project started?
A: This project in Wuye where we are now started eleven years ago. A lot of confusion went on till the Lord said it’s time for me to take over. We were able to break the chains and by divine instruction helpers were connected and one after the other the project moved on to the glory of God. We are in mfm Wuye today together with all my operation in mfm Utako and Wuye. I’m now about one year and seven months by the grace of God so I’m not up to two years yet and we have recorded unbelievable testimony to the glory of God. We thank the Lord for what He has done throughout our move. I have also moved to so many areas to minister under pulpit exchange or I was given assignment to be there for awhile, I have been to Tanke in Ilorin sent to about close to two years there. I have been to Oro. I have been to Egbe. I have been to many places including Bwari in Abuja. I have travelled abroad too, to Sweden, Republic of Ireland. So in the course of this assignment of the gospel, God has been faithful and there are plenty testimonies to show to the glory of God
Q We also notice that in midst of all of this work you still have time to publish books but curiously we noticed your books are not for sale, why is it so?
A lt was because of divine instruction. God spoke to me that I must not sell my books. By the grace of God I have been able to publish 107 books. The last one was about 4 years ago. The reason was because I have a lot of assignments and commitment. I believe that I should be able to have my attention more in some areas but many people want me to continue but I do tell them is, there is time for everything. The passion and the mission of book is to reach out more to people where I cannot get to physically till I die. That is the purpose of the book and to the glory of God today I am the one next to the G.O when it comes to publishing books in Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries with the record of 107 published books to the glory of God of Elijah. It was divinely ordained by God, don’t sell your book and that was why we put it there “Not for Sale” and we sent to some countries and some states within Nigeria without asking them to give us money because they are not for sale. Of course, in the course of this, there were some people who partnered with the book ministry. They made up their mind that ok even though your book is not for sale we want to be part of it, now create book account for whosoever wish to be part of that book account partnership. And very few people have been so wonderful and supportive. To the glory of God the book ministry has done very well and changes many lives.

Q. Apart from this instruction not to sell books we also observed particularly, the few years you have spent in Abuja that at different occasions when you move from one region to another, the church members often organize a send-forth. Remarkably however, proceeds or monetary gifts from such send forth that are personal free will gift of appreciation to you as their pastor who has ministered unto them are often channeled to church project. Why do you this, what is the spiritual wisdom behind this ?
A. The love of God in our hearts is what guides us directs us and teaches us so that we will not miss our way. We brought nothing to this world and certainly we shall take nothing from this world. It started from when I published the first set of books and wanted to dedicate it to God in the name of fund-raising. But God said He did not ask me to sell books, the reason l handed over the money back to church so that they can instead start one project or the other. The same thing with all my birthdays, right from the beginning since I joined Mountain of Fire, I have never taken any money home, every money donated for me as gift during my birthdays or during the time we were launching the books have always been handed over to the church to continue one assignment or the other especially when there are ongoing projects. It was a divine instruction. Also, we have been able to do away with some property knowing well fully God bless me with them and I should sow back unto the Lord. For instance, with facts and paper – in Lagos region, l once sold N70million worth of property before, also N19million book launch proceeds, l also handed over N35 million naira property sold by me, my property and gave all to support mfm Lagos region 1 project. Also getting to Kubwa, the N10 million roof for the new Church was by me and my family to the glory of God, we sold some property running to millions, the same thing we did in Lugbe when we started the youth camp. We have done that several times in this place too. When we were about to move into this place, we have given so much money. There was a time someone gave me N20 million naira to buy a car, I sowed it into this new project here at Wuye. Another time, someone gifted me N18 million naira to buy another car, I sowed all to this building. So, that has been my will, my desire that I want to give back to God because I brought nothing to this world and it is certain that I will take nothing out of this world
Q During your last birthday which was a surprise done by friends and brethrens, how much was generated?
A The last birthday, calculating all including dollars, the ones that came in during the birthday and the one that came in after the birthday is very close to N200 million or thereabout. And all was given back to the church. Some people still brought money after my birthday which I also transferred into the account of the church because I was not permitted to take anything back home and as at the time that the money came in, I had less than N100,000 in my account. So, it is not because I have too much, it’s just because of the love of God. The zeal of his house has eaten me up so I can’t do without him. The most important thing is that I must make sure I make God happy, when God is happy with me I can get to any place at anytime.
Q Recalling what your grandmother said about you being impotent, at what point did God intervened and how did you meet your wife?
A The kidnapping case happened when I was a bachelor. I was a deliverance pastor and at the same time working as information minister at Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries International Headquarters, Onike, Yaba. It was one day in my office after ministering on deliverance ground, I returned back to information department being a full time pastor. Two girls came, one was about to return back to the university, another the elder sister. They wanted to meet with the pastor for prayer so I was the one on ground that time. I prayed with both especially the elder sister who was about to return back to university. But as they were going, l heard the voice of God, the one at the back is your wife three times. So I quickly called them back to know where they came from and I was told that they were from mfm house fellowship in Akoka. In those days, you cannot tell anybody that you want to marry the person just because you heard she is your wife. I have no right to go and tell her. That is against the rules and regulations of the church. What l did was, I became house fellowship member of that Akoka centre because of my wife. Very soon our house fellowship leader got admission to high institution and since I was there as a member of that house fellowship, the church authority decided that I should take over from that fellow since I am a full time pastor with experience when it comes to ministration. So, I became house leader even though I have been a pastor, an active pulpit pastor but I love that house fellowship because I knew that God spoke to me concerning the lady I was going to marry. I was close to her family being a member of my fellowship and thank God the mother, a wonderful prophetess one day called her daughter and told her she dreamt the new House Fellowship leader would be her husband. She told her that any time he talks to you don’t reject him, he is the divine husband. This did not come to past until after three or four years. Since I knew she was going to be my wife l did something when she gained admission to higher institution, I took two of her pictures, went to now defunct Intercity Bank to open an account on her behalf. Being a deliverance pastor, I made up my mind not to spend any money given to me by anybody, I would pay 10 percent keep 10 percent to myself and save 80 percent. I began to save money for my wife to be. Eventually, when she left school I presented the passbook to her in her living room in the presence of her parent. She checked it, she had no idea of what l had done, eventually she saw it was a bank passbook. She now saw N3.7 million naira saved for her. She was very happy. That was the reason for the business that she is doing as at today, to the glory of God of Elijah we were able to establish her business we rented an apartment, three bedroom apartment, lived like a king to the glory of God. And the business of my wife is still flourishing till today to the glory of God. As a matter of fact, that business is the back bone of my given grace, most time when we need money we go back to her business, madam we need money. All the millions we are spending is from the business of the woman that God helped me to establish many, many years ago.

But before I married her l told her I am an impotent. I cannot perform, my manhood cannot work but it was divinely organized and ordained so she said she had prayed God had also confirmed that I am her husband there is nothing to worry about. I took her to Dr D.K. Olukoya our father in the Lord who also confirmed that to her. I told Dr. Olukoya the secret and one pastor Solomon Akinade, these were the two people that were aware of my impotence. Anyway, my wife said she was going to continue with the marriage impotence or not since God said she should marry me, I will marry him, she said. That is why Pastor Mrs Oluwatoyin Oni is not just a wife, she is a God-given woman to my ministry and calling. So, come the day of my wedding I told the officiating pastors, Pastor Olaoye, in particular that I won’t be able to continue with the wedding, I was having stomach trouble so I was not enjoying myself there. I pleaded he should round up quickly, So Pastor Solomon also was part of the officiating pastors, he knew what has happened he knew the secret. They quickly rounded up the wedding. We were to go to Saint Finnbas School, by Akoko College of Education. As at that time, the man in charge of that school happened to be my (house fellowship) member. Red carpet all over the place, the venue was free of charge but I could not go for the reception because of the (stomach ache) problem. By the time I came to my house that day my manhood came back for the first time in the history of my life, so God restored me back and today to the glory of God, by the grace of God I am married to Pastor Mrs Oluwatoyin Oni, blessed with wonderful children to the glory of God of Elijah
Q I want us to go back to the issue of Wuye church, an eight storey building on a massive land. Can you give us a brief history of this church sir?
A Wuye church is supposed to be an eight storey building, that was the original design. The project started eleven years ago, now we are in the year 2021. As at the time I came and took over the project, it was at fourth floor. More than three Overseers have come and gone. And looking at the project and the pandemic condition experienced throughout the whole world what do we do, we reviewed the situation, and suspended eight storey plan, limiting the project to six storey building. So, what we are having currently is not eight storey by six storey building. I took over from four storey, I added two, added the roof and every beautiful thing you are witnessing right now.
Q So when is the building due for commissioning sir?
A By the grace of God we are hoping that as soon as we are able to complete our assignment. The projects proper, for instance, we are supposed to put eight lifts (elevators), we need to fix air conditioners, we will now call the G.O to come for commissioning. We are hoping for November by the grace of God, we have spoken to the G.O that we are expecting him in November if Jesus tarries in His coming.
Q What is your vision for this place?
A Yes, I do not have a vision for this place, I’m only on a mission. Anytime I go out for anything on behalf of Dr. D.K. Olukoya, I’m always on a mission because there is an uncommon vision given by God to Dr. K. Olukoya and God will not duplicate vision because there is a visioniar already on ground. He is still alive, so all of us working under him we are on a mission to help to fulfill the vision globally. The mission here is that there must be peace at all times, people must love one another. For instance, as I speak to you now under food evangelism we have canteen partners. These canteen partners have been feeding our staff here free of charge, free food everyday. Our staff know that you are to eat free food in this place so people love the administration, there is joy of salvation. I am expecting greater testimony, I am expecting outstanding testimonies as well, I am expecting unbelievable results and that is why we are in this Wuye International headquarters annex and God has promised that He is going to demonstrate His power in an awesome way. Many people that are down He will pick them up and take them to the next level. God has promised there will be healing, deliverance, prosperity, breakthrough, unbelievable success and divine turnaround so hoping and expecting that all these promises of God will surely come to pass. Our own is to play our role and God will always be there for us. God changeth not, He is the same yesterday, He is the same today and He is going to remain the same forever and because He changest not and He can change anything, it is we that must believe in Him and trust Him for everything. I am trusting God for unbelievable turnaround in this place, I know it will come to pass that all the corner of the earth will know that there is God in this place in the precious name of Jesus Christ, amen


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