Monarch Urges Buhari To Put More Funds In Agriculture, Solid Mineral Sectors

Minister of Agriculture

By Tom Garba – Feny Fwa, a traditional ruler and acting Murum Mbula has urged President Buhari to put more funds in Agriculture and solid mineral sectors as measures to attain economic growth.

Minister of Agriculture

Fwa, who is the acting First Class Chief for the Mbula people of Demsa stressed the need to invest more in those sectors to achieve diversification of the nation’s economy.

He encouraged the president to maintain his stand on economic diversification, adding that improving agricultural production would reduce poverty and unemployment.

“We appreciate our president for this economic diversification especially in the area of agriculture and solid minerals.

I can only encourage the federal government to direct more funds into these two sectors which is solid minerals and agriculture which can increase our economic growth.

“It is obvious that the two sectors have potentials to reduce poverty and unemployment and we are encouraging the president not to relent on this drive.

“Our farmers are in need of farm inputs especially fertilizers and even processing plants that can engender value chain.

“The government must be willing to increase budgetary provision to agriculture and solid minerals because they are critical to the nation’s economic diversification and growth.

“We therefore expect a robust budget in these critical areas with the view to getting quick results that can reflect on the lives of our citizens,” Fwa said.

The paramount ruler also advised the president to reduce the cost of governance, adding that the cost of governance was too high.

He said that the cost of governance had militated against investments that would have impacted more on the lives of Nigerians.

He urged President Buhari to liaise with the national assembly to reduce the cost of governance, so as to save funds for investment in sectors that would upgrade the quality of life of many Nigerians.

“We have been allocating huge resources to some unnecessary over heads leaving some important areas which have potentials to affect the lives of Nigerians positively underfunded.

“I can advise the President to seat down with the national assembly and narrow fiscal expenditures to ventures that can improve the quality of life of many Nigerians,” Fwa said.


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