Kwara: PDP Stakeholders Plot To Whittle Saraki’s Grip On Power


Politicians under the auspices of   the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, stakeholders in Kwara State, have commenced plans to challenge the Saraki political dynasty in the state in the 2015 elections.

At the stakeholders’ meeting convened in Abuja on Friday, Chairman Caretaker Committee of the state chapter of the PDP, Mr. Solomon Edojah said it was not impossible for them to challenge and dislodge the Senator Bukola Saraki, in the next elections if party members could resolve to work hard for that purpose.

The Chaiman, PDP Caretaker Committee told party dignitaries and elected office holders that though it is not an easy task, “it is possible to dislodge Senator Saraki’s grip on the state.”

He, however, lamented the unwillingness of some leaders including the Minister of Sports, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi to join the campaign. “I met with the minister who is supposed to be doing the work I am doing now, but he told me that he is not a politician and he does not want to get himself involved in what we are doing,” Edojah regretted.

Edojah said the caretaker committee would soon hold a rally for the purpose of identifying all those with the party and those still identifying with Senator Saraki.

“We need to whittle down Saraki’s power, though they are making serious overture to come back. I told the party leadership that it is better to work with people in our hands than to rely on the same structure that has played game with us,” he said.

He further said that his committee would work hard restore the party in the state, assuring that nobody would be left out of the ongoing consultation by the committee, in spite of lackadaisical attitude by some stakeholders.  We are not going to leave any structure unturned.”

“We will consult widely and would not look down on anybody. It has been 40 years of their dynasty, but now it is liberation movement in Kwara. We are going to call all to our rally, for us to see those that are going and to know who are with us; because I know some are sitting on the fence,” he added.

Edojah said it was not true that there was a mass defection in the state from PDP to All Progressive Congress (APC).

According to him, “while some left in body, their spirits remain in the PDP.

Another leader of the party in the state, Senator Simeon Ajibola, representing Kwara South urged party loyalists to play down their individual ambitions, and pursue genuine restoration of the party.