Kongol Silver Tongue Inducts Journalists, Others In Adamawa


YOLA/By Tom Garba – Konngol Silvertongue: Media & Language Training Institute, a media and language training Institute in Northern Nigeria, on weekend commenced its session with the induction of the newly admitted students- THE CLASS OF 2018-B- for an “8-12-week professional development training in public speaking and event management.

The CLASS OF 2018-B as it is called, comprised journalists, public servants, business moguls, prospective leaders of thought and other professionals such as lecturers, teachers, lawyers, politicians, bankers, accountants, marketers, administrators and health workers among others.

Speaking earlier, Prof. Abubakar Abba Tahir a veteran Journalist and founder of the institute disclosed that, “during the 8-12 week training; the theoretical aspect of class work would cover one-third of the programme while the practical would cover two-third of the exercise.”

Participants at the program said they enrolled into the programme, “since one cannot communicate, and to be able to communicate somehow and not anyhow; one need  to defeat stage fright…”

Also speaking, the Chief Public Relations Officer of the Federal Medical Center (FMC),Yola and Editor in Chief of PERISCOPE argued that speaking anyhow undermines the trust and credibility of one’s leadership.

“It destroys the relationship between the governor and the governed.

“Little wonder that politicians stand to benefit more from the training because it will sharpen their persuasion and communication skills,” he added.



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