Jungle Justice: U.I. First Class Graduate Killed For Stealing Bread


News Investigators/ A first class graduate of the University of Ibadan, Opuofoni Freeborn Ebimotimi, has been beaten to death by some angry youths for stealing a loaf of bread.

Mr Opuofoni reportedly resorted to stealing out of hunger and the instinct to survive.

But he went about survival the wrong way and ended up being a victim of jungle justice.

He was killed in the early hours of Tuesday, July 11, 2023 at Honeyhill, Tombia, Bayelsa State.

Mr Opuofoni, who was from Korokorosei community of Southern Ijaw Local Government area, as claimed, studied Business Administration (B.Sc) at the UI and was purported to have graduated sumna cum lauded (First Class)

Neighbors and friends who saw the incident (when he was bring beating) rushed to the scene and pleaded with the angry youths to allow him leave, stating that they would pay for the bread in double folds.

As if he was destined to pass on Tuesday, July 11, 2023, the angry youths declined the plea of the people as they proceeded to snuff the life out of him.

Mr Opuofoni Freeborn Idisemi, the younger sister to the deceased, lamented that life had been unfair to them since the demise of their father.

She said that she had no idea of what led him to steal bread this morning.

She stated that they were used to the hardship of life and struggling to survive.

She, however, pointed out that despite having uncles who were doing well in government and other places, they could not help them. (ConclaveNews)


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