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‘Jonathan Displayed Incredible Levity In Ombatse Killing’ -APC

The All Progressive Congress (APC), Monday accused President Goodluck Jonathan of poor handling of the Ombatse cult attack in which scores of security personnel were killing last year.

The party accused Jonathan of not serious about the welfare and safety needs of members of the nation’s security personnel, saying the President is prepared to trade their welfare and security needs for political gains.

A statement by APC’s Director of Media and Publicity, Presidential Campaign, said it is for reason of political exigency and to carry on with his “gentleman image’ who cannot hurt a fly, that the President has failed continuously as a Commander-in-Chief, unable to mobilize the security forces and to provide them with the necessary leadership to accomplish their objective.

The statement said the attitude of the Jonathan government to the cruel fate that befell more than one hundred policemen and operatives of the Directorate of the State Security Services (DSS) who lost their lives while on a mission to arrest the Spiritual Leader of the notorious Ombatse cult in Nasarawa State, last year, is yet the most glaring example of how callous and uncaring a government which claims to be democratic can be.

In serious countries, the government does not toy with the lives and well-being of its security men such that any act of violence visited on the personnel of the security establishment is tantamount to an assault on the nation as a whole.

The action of the US and French authorities when terrorists attacked their Police personnel on duty is a case in point.

These governments did not rest until the perpetrators were eliminated and investigation is still continuing to get to the root cause of the assault to prevent future occurrence.

In the case of the Ombatse killings of our security men, the administration of President Jonathan displayed incredible levity that shocked the nation and left a sour taste in the mouth of relations and families of the unfortunate slain security men.

The APC Presidential Campaign requests the President to reflect on the way he handled the massacre of the nation’s policemen and DSS operatives in May 2013 in Nasarawa State. This becomes necessary because President Jonathan has been telling the country during his ongoing political campaign that he cares about our security personnel. This cannot be true.,” it added.

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