IPPIS: FG, ASUU And Peoples’ Perception…


(NEWS INVESTIGATORS) Before you judge people, before you rage your anger on them, take a little time to view their angle or perspective, and, if you still cannot see a reasonable reason, then you may act REASONABLY.

A lot of people express ignorance on ASUU’s argument on IPPIS possibly because of their hatred for the Academic staff union. You can decide to hate ASUU, for all the strikes, but the truth still remain that the little improvement we’ve got in infrastructure in our universities over the last 10 years would not have been possible without ASUU’s use of strike to force FG do the needful.

On IPPIS for university staff, ASUU didn’t reject IPPIS but request FG to modify the package to capture things that are peculiar to the University and they will accept it. IPPIS is just a software package. The question should be why is FG not willing to modify the software?

Universities are established on an act with their peculiarities. For example, Consultants who are university staff and work at the Teaching Hospitals get paid by the University and the hospitals. But on IPPIS package, you can’t receive 2 separate payment from FG. So how will the Doctors get their university salary and the component from the hospital? Promotion of Readers and Professors takes months due to external assessment. No provision in IPPIS for promotion arrears. So who will pay the arrears of the work they have done? Sabbatical is a worldwide practice in universities. No provision in IPPIS for staff on sabbatical. A university can request for a visiting lecturer from another university for his expertise and get paid. No provision for that on IPPIS. Meanwhile, these things are captured in the act establishing the university. When you go to conduct external examination in another university, no provision to get paid in IPPIS, etc. We are aware that activities such as visiting is misused. But capturing these peculiarities in IPPIS and limiting the number of universities you can visit to one or two will control visiting activities.

To treat university workers as any other civil servant, you have to approach NASS and request for a review of the university act to remove those peculiarities like call duty, sabbatical, visiting, external examination, etc from their activities. It a constitutional matter and can’t be done just by executive order or blackmail.

What is wrong for ASUU to demand that the supposed central salary payment system should capture what the law established and why is the government not willing to do that? Are no more working with our constitution?

If as an onlooker you detest ASUU, sponsor a bill to NASS to remove the peculiarities rather than displaying ignorance on blogosphere. We are educated, so let’s argue like sound minds.


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