If We Don’t Kill “RULE OF LAW” Eule Of Law Will Kill Us


( News Investigators) Rule of law allowed Fayose to go over sea for surgery when his lawyer presented medical report of his health condition.
Check the pictures below and see where he is having his SURGERY abroad.

Falana told us that El zazacky needed surgery in India hospital or he loses his eye sight as a matter of days. He went to India, but when the real motive of seeking asylum in Iran was thwarted by Indian authority, he ran back to Nigeria hurriedly, Falana is still practicing law after the blatant lie without tendering apology.

About three categories of people involve in this shenanigans are the corrupt lawyers, doctors that write medical reports, and the judges. And when that happened, opposition activists and civil societies latch on to it.

The next thing you hear the government of Buhari does not obey the rule of law, Buhari is undemocratic, he is a tyranny, and all what not. Fayose was granted bail on health condition, now he is under going surgery at a beach in over sea.

Finally, who the rule of law helps? The poor or the rich? Buhari seems to be the only one in this corruption fight, others are just paying lips service. Until we all stand against corruption, ‘rule of law’ will consume us.


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