“I Took Badeh To NDA But He Never Came Back To Say Thank You,” Says Retired School Teacher

Former Chief of Defence Staff

By Tom Garba, Yola – A former school teacher and retired principal of Government Day Secondary School Victim, Mubi North LGA of Adamawa state, Augustine Dabiya, has accused the embattled former Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh of abandoning him despite being the one that helped him into the Army.

Former Chief of Defence Staff
Former Chief of Defence Staff

Mr. Dabiya said he was the very person that took Air Vice Marshal Alex Sabundo Badeh to Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in 1977, lamenting that Mr. Badeh through out his stay in office he did not come back to say thank you or show a single appreciation over what he did to him.

Badeh is currently was last week remanded in prison in following corruption charges proffered against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The former school principal narrated his ills story to our correspondent in Yola where he exposed how hard he tried to convinced Alex’s Father to allow him go to NDA.

Hear his words:

“In 1976 while I was in Kano teachers school Alexander came to me and complained that his Father told him he will never give him money to be a military man, that he prefer him to go to University of Maiduguri to study Medicine.

“I told him that he must be a Military Man even if it means to sell my motorcycle to take you to NDA I will do that, we will travel home to see your father tomorrow on the issue.

” His father is an influencial person, a local wealthy Man in our area and a great farmer. As at that time he had all what it takes to sponsor Alex in NDA. When we met him in one of the nearby farm working, I told him that he should permit his son to be a military Man and the old Man said” over his dead body, that he was told university of Maiduguri is the best and now I’m telling him a different story, he cannot waste his money on that school”. (NDA)

“After much persuasion and as an experience teacher in St Andrew Primary school Mubi where Badeh used to be a part time teacher, an idea came to me and I told his farther that your child will one day be like Yakubu Gowon or don’t you like? Yakubu was a Military man that was why he has became a President, he reluctantly agreed to give 2 pounds for his fees.

“When I gave Alex the money he bitterly complained knowing the fact that it will not cover all other pending issues demanding in NDA and I told he should not worry I shall provide the rest.

“I took him to Kaduna where he was enrolled as an air force student of Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA).

Mr Augustine gale of misunderstanding started with the former CDS the very day he bluntly told Mrs Badeh in a community meeting in vintim to always respect elders and kings men of Falli land, that how he chased look to ran out him between him and Badeh.

He said that Badeh grow up as some body with a very high ego, who claims to know it all and as such through out his stay in office he does not listen to any of his kinsmen’s advice.

“He was running away from us when in office now that is facing all forms of attacks by the present administration, I know he needs us now”.

Dabiya lamented that the worse of it all Sebonduh did not help any of the young people in their community who are graduates and well qualify to join NDA and he believes even the state at large no one was helped by him.

“It pains me that Alex refused to help any of our Youths to join the Army, the only help he did was to built Hospital, civic centre and some churches he built around”. He added

Recall that the former CDS is now under interrogations by EFCC over the aims deals money acquired during Goodluck Jonathan regime to fight insurgency in the North-East of the country.


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