I Never Worked Against APC -Senator Obende


Sen. Domingo Obende

By Nuel Suji, Abuja.
Senator Domingo Obende representing Edo North Senatorial district Tuesday dispelled media report accusing him of working against the All Progressive Congress(APC) during last Presidential election in Edo state, saying he delivered his local government for APC after all.

Reacting to the report, Senator Obende explained that the report is purposely published to tarnish his image, adding that he has always protect the interest of the party(APC) both in the National Assembly and his constituency.

According to him, I think what is going on is an attempt to tarnish my image, I have worked for the interest of party both in National Assembly and constituency.

In his words,” First and foremost a week before election they said I have decamped to SDP, vanguard and one other paper and I have to react, I believe what is going out and what playing is that we have won and this is period to share positions and what do you do is to diminish the character and diminish the person you feel have some chances to become anybody by grace of God.

” But for me I just believe that if God does not want to make you, then he will not allow people to make you because God is available whatever anybody says, I wave it off because to me in my local government we won Presidential election and if we won Presidential election which other and of course how did I worked against the party in the last election my local government came put with 17000 votes to defeat PDP with 12000 votes in my local government.

“I see it as gossip of the day and gossip that purposely determine to smear my character, did I work PDP the answer is no, I belong to APC and worked for APC, you know my ruggedity in National Assembly, I could not have been working for a party I do believe in their ideology and cause.”