Hunger, Famine Are Knocking The Door Of Nigeria -Prophet Sunday Iyunade


By Dipo Awojobi – A man of God has looked into the crystal ball and warned that the country would encounter more economic hardship and that hunger and famine are knocking the door of the country.A prophet of God

According to Prophet Sunday Dare Iyunade of Pentecostal Sanctuary Bible Ministries, Odoegbo Onituwo, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, there would be financial and economic draught in the country.

Speaking during beginning of the 20th Anniversary and annual convention of the mission on Friday 11 March, Prophet Iyunade said that despite, this there is still hope for Nigeria and that the nation would rise back.

He added that there would be serious challenges and struggling all through the four years of this present government, while advising that the government should promote righteousness so that they could survive during this trying period.

“Only righteousness promotes a nation, sin is a reproach to any people. Our present situation is God’s reaction to our attitude. Investors will still come as there is an existing prophecy on relocation of the World Trade Centre to Africa with Nigeria as the centre of trade as she will play a major role.

“In this season, investors will be scared and they will run away. We must keep hope alive as they will come back, when the trial period expires,” he said.

Prophet Iyunade revealed further that he once said that the necessary change in the country would not come now and that the all the strengths of the South West would be weakened as it controls the economy of Nigeria.

He stressed that serious conflict and crisis await Nigeria at the political level and that this was beyond what he knew, but that it would bring about a serious falling apart.

According to him, some of the reigning Nigerian leaders would derail and would become irrelevant, and the political wave would make them irrelevant and their season would be wiped off.

“A new team would be raised that will take over the political arena. It will give rise to a political wave-cum revolution in the nation. Serious rebellion will arise in the security section/outfit in Nigeria, but it will not prevail against the will of God,” he said.

The prophet warned that what he saw hibernating upon Lagos is still there and that the South West would experience set back economically as a result of what they did in the past, and advised that they should seek God’s face and turn to God.

The cleric revealed that God told him that the government intended to reduce the population of Christians in Nigeria, but that God has annulled this and that the mission would fail.

The prophet said further that persecution of Christianity will increase this season and that Christian religious leaders should guide their loins and resist serious persecutions that are being planned against Christianity in Nigeria.

He said that irrespective of persecution, God has prepared another wave of revival that will take place and give Christendom advancement within this country, but that before the end of the year, God would shock believers in Nigeria.

“Nigerian Christian leaders compromised God’s purpose for Nigeria. They compromised God’s will for Nigeria and supported conspiracy against God’s will because of their selfish interest. They will struggle to hold it, but they will not be able to hold it. It will be marked against them,” he said.


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