Group Warns ASUP Mubi Against Personality Conflict With Rector


By Tom Garba, Yola – The Concern members of the Federal Polytechnic Mubi Community have called on the Academic staff Union of Polytechnics Mubi to desist from personality conflict against the Rector of the institution.

Mr Inusa Yerima made the call in a statement and made available to newsmen in Yola.

Federal Polytechnic, Mubi

The Concern Members of the Federal Polytechnic Mubi Community have its membership drowned from academic staff, non-academic staff and students in the federal polytechnic Mubi.

Yerima accused the Mohammed Kabiru-led faction of the union of carrying his personal grudges against the Rector into union.

He said the recent vote of no confidence passed against the administration of Dr Sadiq Yahya, the rector of the polytechnic was a clear demonstration of ignorance and selfishness on the part of the union.

He told the union that the appointment of a rector was not in any form a union affair.

He recalled that the same group had fought past rectors and succeeded because the polytechnic community was ignorant of their antics.

Comrade Inusa insisted that the group would not sit and watch some scrupulous individuals to throw the institution into crisis for their personal interest.

Yerima advised members of the union who had subscribed to the antics of the factional leader to withdraw for their interest, reminding them that the union will not save them in their times of industrial troubles.

He reminded the factional group to face their court case at the Industrials court rather than fighting a course that would not yield positive result.

“We thought the factional group was fighting for the welfare of its members at initial state, but what we have discovered in recent time is that some members of the union are just supporting some people out of ignoramus.

 “Some characters within the union have their personal scores to settle with the management and as such dragged the union into the fight.

“This is unfortunate as people within an intellectual community would be bamboozled into indulging into a scrupulous venture.

“We are calling on them to desist from such act as the recent passage of vote of no confidence on the rector was a demonstration of self affliction and aggrandizement by some elements in the union who feel they are `demy gods’.

“The other time was CONTISS 15 and today is vote of no confidence, tomorrow may be violence, this are all antics by the group to distract the institution from achieving its primary and set goals.

“We want to remind whoever that cares that Mohammed Kabiru the factional chairman of the ASUP in Mubi committed 13 offences against the laws of the polytechnics with documented evidence and witnesses.

“The same kabiru has enjoyed all the study sponsorships and promotions in his job as a teacher but never rendered services up to 40 percent in the last 10 years.

“The refund of his burnt car and a three bedroom house and other privileges yet today he is claiming saint hood.

“We advised him and his factional group to withdraw from acts that are shameful and disgraceful to the federal polytechnic Mubi com, there was no outcry against the rector.

“Why the voice vote when the rector has three months to end his tenure?

“The public should note that something is fishy with the ASUP in Mubi, and as such the general public should disregard them.’’


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