Govt Carpets Ondo APC Over Rally Allegation


By Alaba Ajibade – The All Progressive  Congress in Ondo state  has been described  as attention seeking  party of desperadoes that  has upped its ante in churning out falsehood and devising evil.

APC's National Chairman
APC’s National Chairman

Berating the  state’s opposition party over the allegation that  its planning an anti- corruption  rally, the ondo state government in a statement on Thursday described the allegation as the figment of the imagination of  the author , stating that the governor of the state, Dr Olusegun Mimiko  is a man of character and integrity.

It added that the possibility of a recourse to a sponsored protest as speciously alleged by the APC in the State is non existent, insisting that  such a plan could only have emanated from the minds of men lacking in creativity and quality like  in the APC in Ondo State. 
Submitting that the development demonstrates how desperate  for publicity the  Ondo APC is,  the statement said “the APC in Ondo State has in the last 48 hours upped the ante in churning out falsehood and devising evil, the latest being the allegation of a planned protest sponsored by the government of Ondo State.

“Variants of the same statement reported on social and traditional media as released by the Ondo State chapter of  the APC alleged that the government plans to give out sums of money to people to forment trouble against the President and breach the peace of the State,”.
Submitting that  though it expects “no less than such irresponsible concoctions of lies” from the APC in the state “knowing that it is a party which has no base, no relevance and no connection with the people of our State.”, government said desperate for attention from Abuja , “the APC in Ondo State, will stop at nothing to put up an appearance of existence since their sole aim is to create a situation of war between the State government and the Presidency with the hope of scoring a political point.”
Government  thus counselled the  party to seek means of ventilating its muffled cries with its leaders instead of racking up allegations of non existent protests and discord.
“If Ondo APC is interested in fuelling crisis or have any grudge with their party leaders, they should feel free to ventilate such and not draw the people of the State into their battle for relevance. We have heard them argue marginalization and what’s not, but have no business with their puerile rants.

“The best thing for sane minds is to discountenance their persistent lies and irresponsible falsehood,” the statement concluded.


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