Published On: Thu, Dec 10th, 2020

Gov, YAHAYA BELLO Is A Proactive Leader With Quick Response Instinct

(News Investigators) Alhaji YAHAYA BELLO is a proactive leader with quick response instinct, By Victory Obasi

If the nationhood must Excel beyond limitations,we as citizens must learn to take responsibilities how ever minimal.
Leadership is an act that transcends beyond selfishness and hate,for it is a style employed by a leader in the bid towards the discharge of the constitutionally priscribed responsibilities of the office.

It’s rather too unfortunate that my stand point towards procurement of presidential form for HIS EXELLENCY ALHAJI YAHAYA BELLO the executive governor of kogi state came under a very strong backlash.

It’s a visible fact that in Nigeria today the hunger towards seeing younger generation piloting the affairs of this nation remains steadfast,
But all of these quest for youthful leadership could end up a national disaster if experience is not strongly considered.

On this briefing i just want to quickly highlight on the 3 of his many achievements wich I strongly believe that you will agree with me that if Nigeria as a country can get these right , our dear nation will be amongst the most powerful in the world.

—He confronted and managed the strenuous security challenges in the state to the barest minimum
——He initiated the culture of unity in diversity to create a strong integration amongst the multiethnic background of the state
—— economy /health sector was given the needed lift to facilitate the basic necessities of livelihood.

He is young, skilled , proactive , accessable and above all he has proven him self worthy of delivery.,
Let’s take our dear country to the destination of Ur dream,
Let put hands together and make Alhaji YAHAYA BELLO the next president of this country.

God bless us all

Longlive federal Republic of Nigeria
Alhaji YAHAYA BELLO is a proactive leader with quick response instinct

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