Emergency Rule: Senate Grants Conditional Approval For Extension

Former President of the Senate

By Olusegun Emmanuel, Abuja.

The Senate on Tuesday gave conditional approval for the extension of emergency rule in the troubled northeast states of Yobe, Adamawa and Borno for another period of six months.

The conditions read,” That the Federal Government should expand the military cooperation and  collaboration with the International community on the rescue of Chibok girls, to the overall arrest of the ugly incidence of terrorism in Nigeria.

” That the federal government should ensure proper kitting and arming of the armed forces deployed to arrest the insurgency and adequate welfare care for troops.

” That full Military operation be undertaken on sustained basis to rout out the insurgents.

“That there should be special recruitment into Armed Forces of screened and vetted youths particularly those in the civilian JTF who will receive emergency training and deployed in the troubled zone in order to beef up the strength of the troops and win hearts of the locals.

“That the federal government in conjunction with state governments should come with an Economic Marshal Plan to revive the economy of the economically and educationally backward parts of the country.

“That the federal government should seek and secure Multi-lateral support for the Marshal plan.

“That Minister of Defence;  Police Affairs;  National Security Adviser; Director-General, State Security Services; to report to the senate on monthly basis of progress made in combating the insurgency on the basis of which senate can take any decision it considers necessary on the issue.

“that President Goodluck Jonathan should prepare and submit to the National Assembly, supplementary budget to meet any establishment financial requirements needed to combat the insurgency.

“That Mr. President should immediately approve intervention funds to the affected states for development.

The Plenary that supposed to have started around 10: 15 am could not start until 1:00 pm due to meeting with Senators of the affected states.

When the Senate President, Senator David Mark came into chamber, he called for closed door session which lasted for one hour.

However, in an interview with one of the Senator from North East, Senator Ahamad Zannah who was in the meeting with senate president before plenary said the  Senate President assured them that those conditions will be met by federal government.

Zannah who appealed to his colleagues for disappointing them despite their agreement on emergency rule said that he will be feeling guilty if the government fails to comply with those conditions.