“Don’t Be Deceived, We Are Fighting Religious War” -Shekau

Boko Haram factional leader
The leader of the outlawed Boko Haram sect and perhaps the most wanted in Nigeria history, Abubakar Shekau yesterday said they are in total submission to the will of God and would have eaten human if they were given divine instruction.
Shekau also insisted that their battle is against Jonathan and the rest of his Christian brethren and Nigerians should be under no illusion that the sect was not fighting a religious war.
Shekau, who both Nigerian and United States government have declared wanted and placed a bounty on, in a message in Hausa sent to some selected e-mail of journalists, said the sect have never done anything against the will of God and that was responsible for series of victories recorded against the Nigerian state and its agencies.
The notorious sect leader equally said it was God that has continued to give them the booty of their enemies, which the sect has continued to loot without restraint and enjoyed.
In the translated video recording, he said: “This is to show our muslim brethren that victory comes from Allah. This is just a tip of the ice berg regarding the booty Allah has blessed us with, the booty which took our brothers day and night to cart away.
“Our fighters stormed Bama (military) barracks. Allah threw them (troops) into confusion through some servants of Allah who dedicated themselves to Allah. Allah finished them. They bragged, they said whatever pleased them to the extent of claiming they have cleansed Bama, now that they have sticks-wielding vigilantes. Even Jonathan praised them, saying Bama are steadfast.”
He boasted that: “It is in the same Bama that our brothers pulverized 21 armoured tanks. People in multitudes were killed, bodies scattered all over and the sight would astonish any onlooker. Soldiers hid under blankets in their rooms and our fighters pursued them and blow out their brains.”
Shekau added that: “Had Allah allowed us to eat them we would have ate them but we are not cannibals because we are not spirits or animals. As for killing, we will kill (for) Allah, if he says we should decapitate, we should amputate the limbs, we should mutilate.”
Shekau while making boast of title, “Victory for Allah”, said the recent destruction of Damaturu, Maiduguri and later Bama is victory from Allah, insisting that the victories was beyond human comprehension and the sect members were surprised, said: “We were amazed by the victory in Damaturu, then a greater victory was achieved in Maiduguri and now Bama operation is better than Maiduguri. And tomorrow we will go to….”
Shekau’s sarcastic pronouncement were always interrupted with a great noise of laughter and shouts of Allahu Akbar by cacophony of voices.
The terror leader asked his members to be thankful to God on the recent victories of the group, insisting that: “They try to brainwash the people that we are fighting an ethnic war. No, we are fighting a religious war, we are fighting Jonathan, we are fighting Christians.”
He said those that ran out of luck may meet their Waterloo in the couple of days left in the year as the group is set to be on the prowl for Christians, he said: “If you are not lucky you will not celebrate this your December. If you are not lucky this December you will not go to your churches or you will celebrate it in fear.”
The terrorists who perhaps agreed that some of his members might have been killed by him to instill fear and discipline, said: “This is a bounty placed on me (brandishing a flyer with his picture), that whoever finds me, finds me and takes to Jonathan, will be given N50 million .
“What is N50 million. Do you know what we are doing? Your armoured tank is worth more than N50 million and we burnt it. Haven’t we burnt your aircraft? What is N50 million. We do not worship money. As for he who is in our midst for money, Allah has taken care of him. Hypocrites who lived with the Prophet could not harm him. You can’t in anyway harm me.”
He also said with all the bounty he is hiding by God from his traducers, noting that: “Even America has placed $7 million ransom (on my head) if you arrest and take me. But It is difficult indeed. The way you hide Jonathan in Aso Rock and hide Obama in White House, so does Allah hide me under His protection. You are with Jonathan and Obama while I am with Allah. Let’s play then.”