DNA: Ooni Hosts, Renames Americans With Ile-Ife Root


News Investigators/ The Ooni of Ile-Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, on Tuesday played host to some American, who traced their root to the Kingdom of Ile-Ife.

The Americans were led to the Ooni by the Asoju Asa of Ile Oodua, Ambassador Dotun Taylor.

The Ooni stressed the excitement that comes with identifying the root of one’s origin.

“If you take a closer look at yourselves in comparison to your kinsmen and women here, you will agree with me that there is no difference between us.

“The only difference is that my own forefathers missed the boat that yours caught up with.

“So, my dear children, you are welcome home and I pray that the meaningful names you are being bestowed with today will manifest in all your endeavours.

“Luckily for you, your source (Ile-Ife) which is within the Federal Republic of Nigeria is filled with lovely people and it’s a very safe environment,” Ogunwusi said.

He urged them to increase their economic presence in Ile-Ife and exploit the various opportunities for investment.

Early, Taylor explained that the visitors are convinced that they are of African origin after a scientific test popularly known as “Ancestral DNA” confirms that they have a high concentration of the African gene.

“Kabiyesi Alase, this is the product of your consistent investment in the promotion of our prestigious culture and preservation of the Yoruba history.

“This is the commencement of a process that will lead to the naturalization of foreigners who are of the black origin to becoming Nigerians and particularly Yoruba sons and daughters.

“We are working with all needed authorities in this regard including the Ministry of Interior and the traditional institution under the leadership of our father, the Ooni.” Taylor said.

Speaking on behalf of the Americans, Mrs Delzora Dotson who is now to be addressed as Mrs Delzora Omotilewa Dotson, described the experience as worthwhile.

Mrs Dotson said she can’t wait to tell her friends and family members about her discovery.

“Right now, I am feeling the connection of origination and I am happy to be back home,” she said.


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