Developing Story: Malaysia Plane Lost Off Southern Vietnam


The search has continued for the Malaysian plane that went off the radar on Saturday.

The plane departed Kuala Lumpur airport and was scheduled to arrive Beijing by 6.30pm Beijing time. The flight MH 370  reportedly disappeared at about 2.40 am.

The lost plane has 239 passengers on board with a statistic of 12 nationalities of which 277 are Chinese.

A Cable Network report monitored in Abuja said, 40 ships including US Navy and 22 planes have since commenced search for the missing plane.

Official are investigating indications that the plane may have turned back from its course in Kuala Lumpur before disappearing.


The report quoted Malaysian officials as saying that there was no sign of anomalies noticed in the plane as at the time of flight. It said nothing is being ruled out as four passengers are already being investigated.

Two of the suspected passengers are said to have questionable identity.

Families of passengers have arrived Beijing waiting for words concerning their loved ones from the authority.