CSO Blames Old Student Association For Queens College’s Crisis


By Nuel Suji – Coalition of Civil Societies on Human Rights and Anti-corruption have blamed the Old Girls Association of the Queens College, Lagos for the recent crisis in the school that claimed the lives of three students, condemning undue interference in the administrative activities of the school by the old girls.

The Coalition, in a statement signed by Director of Public Affairs, James Ezema revealed the crisis in the institution was orchestrated  by Queens College Old Girl’s Association (QCOGA) due to pettiness, envy, in-fight, ethnic and religious considerations, leading to high-level conspiracy, intrigues, sabotage and blackmail, using press propaganda.

The groups added that the gang up against the former Principal of the School Dr. Lami Amodu was as a result of her decision to implement the circular from the ministry of Education which moved the secretariat of the Old Girl’s out of the College, a development that angered the old girls of Queens college.

The groups added that the undue attack of person of Dr. Lami Amodu and a threat by the old girls to ensure her sack from civil service is uncalled for.

The coalition explained further that during the Senate Public hearing, the stakeholders like the current principal of the institution, Mrs Biola Are, Chief Sylvester Onoja, Lagos state government, the PTA chairman and the former Minister of Education, Prof. Mrs Chinwe Obaji said that the infrastructural decay and rot preceded her predecessor Dr Lami Amodu who could not be blamed for the crisis.

The groups expressed dissatisfaction with some sponsored publication by the leadership of old girls of Queens college in order to heap the the infrastructure crisis in the school on Dr Amodu adding that the former Principal never neglected his responsibility as the principal of the school at all, based on independent investigation and contribution of stakeholders during the public hearing.

The statement reads, ” The genesis of  recent crisis at the Queens college is traceable to the activities of some Old Girls of Queens college who were sighted with  one Mr. Alex around the kitchen  and borehole  area after their meeting of 22nd January, 2017. However, shortly after the sinister  meeting,  stooling and vomiting started among the students.

“Our independent investigation about the crisis at the Queens College revealed that the gang up against Dr. Amodu started when she decided to implement the Federal Ministry of Education circular which moved the secretariat of the Old Girl’s out of the College and attempted to check excesses of some parents using social media to tarnish the image of QC. It was gathered that some old girls of the institution vowed to ensure her transfer from the Queen College and even ensure she is sacked from Civil Service for complying with the instruction from federal Ministry of Education without recourse to them.

” We have observed that series of media propaganda have been sponsored against Dr. Lami Amodu in order to pull her down by some elements in the old Girls of Queens College . We also observed that during public hearing organized by Senate on the crisis in the school, the PTA chairman Chief John Oforbike told the lawmakers  that the whole episode was beyond human comprehension as the college was calm and peaceful up till Thursday 22nd February, 2017 when they had interhouse sports and closed down for mid term break. He blamed Mr Alex for several acts of sabotage against the efforts which he and the former principal were making on the dilapidated infrastructure. He added that  PTA is carrying too much burden and called on government to bear it’s responsibilities by providing adequate infrastructure.

” Also, the representative of the federal ministry of  health at Senate hearing on the crisis at the queens  college spoke positively that when the health team visited the college when the media hype was on, they met a neat and clean environment without any student on admission.

“Therefore, the undue attack by some element among the Old Girls of Queens College on Dr.  Amodu is uncalled for and unwarranted which must be nipped in the bud. “


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