Controversial Primaries: Mass Defection From PDP To APC In Adamawa


By Tom Garba,Yola – The People’s Democracy Party (PDP) Factional Chairmanship and Councillorship Primaries conducted last Saturday in the 21 Local Government areas of Adamawa state has made many aspirants who felt cheated to decamped to All Progressives Congress (APC).

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One of the aggrieved aspirants,aspiring to be Guyuk LGA Chairman,Hon.Godel Rarah says he dumped PDP to APC for lack of fairness and high tendencies of imposition of the party.

“I have not seen any fairness in PDP,after passing through every process of our primaries in Guyuk only to realized that the party is confused and having parallel Primaries elections to be conducted by two faction at same time and day,wondering what kind of Party is this.The Party now focus less,and it has not been fair to many aspirants especially me.”

“The last primaries in Guyuk was resulted to a serious chaos forcing many aspirants and their hundreds of supporters to be leaving the Party”. He said

“I forfeit all that I spend,they should go with all their irregularities and let do it with all their agents who lack development, I’m now joining APC under the Administration of Bindow to Move and develop Adamawa state forward”. Goden added.

He accused the Joel Madaki and that of Abdulrahman Bobboi factions for incompetent and no having the wherewithal abilities to conduct credible primary elections in the state and as such PDP is woefully going to loose shall the Local elections take place in Guyuk.

Goden is confident to say that his grass root kind of politics,the structure he has as a politician will be used to deliver the candidature of Hon Gedion Gurori.

He promised to decamp with hundreds of his loyalist to support the growing of APC in the state as PDP is appearing to be a dead Party.


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