Content Piracy: DailyPost Takes Naij To Court


Press Release

Top Nigerian online newspaper, DailyPost has commenced immediate legal action against over piracy of its several news reports. DailyPost had in a statement released on Sunday night lamented over’s incessant use of its hard earned materials without permission, stating that it is unfortunately criminal and an unforgiven act for to tiptoe into its website and obtain information it knows little or nothing about, claiming to be the owner of the said stolen and plagiarized news with all sassiness.

The news organization further affirmed that it was a sad development that a news website like, that is supposed to know the legal implication of plagiarism to continue to lift its materials WORD FOR WORD. It said that the only additional work noticed in the copied version of several of its original stories uncovered on was the removal of DailyPost from the text.

A search on showed that more than 80 news items were copied over the last few weeks.

DailyPost believes that the brazen stealing of its content by must henceforth stop as it has this time around refused to ignore the continuous act of intellectual property abuse. The online newspaper said it will stop just at nothing but to drag to a competent court of law for a proper interpretation on what the law says on content piracy.

In obvious angst, DailyPost Content Editor, Adoyi Ali who reacted to the development said, ‘’it’s shameful that could not change even a line in the stories we exclusively reported”

Adoyi said such act was not only criminal but debasing. He said the development further revealed that that was slothfully relying on already made news for survival. He said ‘’we are determined and not emotionally swayed to look away when things are gradually taking the most unfortunate dimension. The question is where is the sanity we use our medium to preach, if we all continue in this plagiarism madness? ‘’

Already, all legal processes have commenced, as DailyPost’s lawyer is already putting all proofs together to legally nail

The company said it would have ignored the very act of impunity, but for posterity, and for the sake of what journalism means in a country that is presently struggling to bail itself out of some deep decadence, it will fight the battle to finish.