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Conference C’ttee Removes Immunity Clause, Says No One Is Above The Law


By Olusegun Emmanuel, Abuja.

The National Conference Committee on Security has recommended the removal of the immunity clause from the 1999 Nigerian constitutions so as to tackle the menace of impunity among political office holders in Nigeria

Former Inspector General of Police (IGP) and Co-Chairman of the committee, Mohammadu Gambo Jimeta while responding to questions from newsmen said  that no citizen of the Nigeria should be above the law.

Jimeta explained that  immunity clause enjoyed by political office holders in Nigeria is the bane of corruption and the impunity of rulers which he said gives rise to insecurity in the country.

“We have recommended that immunity should be removed from our statute books. No citizen of this country should be above the law.

“The issue of national security is all embracing and torches on everybody’s life. We decided to take the central issues. Good governance, corruption, impunity of rulers and the way and manner our laws are being made, which is totally abnormal from what happens in a civilized society, that is why there is a grave revolt,” he said.

The Co- chairman disclosed that the panel addressed bad leadership, corruption, deliberate neglect and total insensitivity to the laws of the land among others and proffered appropriate recommendations to deal with the issues.

“Having reviewed all the areas and the pitfalls we have gone through, we have made recommendations on the various subjects that are necessary to prop up good life for the citizens of Nigeria.

“But we limited discussions to the national security architecture. Looking at what the state has put on the ground to ensure that Nigerians can go to bed and sleep with both eyes closed. To ensure that Nigerians can do their business without let or hindrance, to ensure unlimited access to the remedy of the law courts and other arbitrating bodies.

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