CONFAB: Wabara, Aliero, Alamieyeseigha Want Presidential System Scrapped…It Is Too Expensive

Former President of the Nigerian Senate and delegate in the National Conference


By Olusegun Emmanuel, Abuja.

Former Senate President and delegate in the ongoing National Conference, Sen. Adolphus wabara has called for the scrapping of presidential system of government even as he argued for parliamentary system in order to speedy up development in Nigeria.

Wabara’s position tallies with other delegates including former State Governors, Seantor Adamu Aleiro and Mr. Dieprieye Alamieyeseigha.

In a seperate interview with Aliero , Alamieyeseigha and Wabara who are at the ongoing National Conference said that the parliamentary system will give more room for accountability and transparency.

Wabara said,”I want to share my personal opinion, although I have benefited from Presidential system of government, frankly, I think for our own developmental , I think parliament system of government will be better.

“We have wasted a lot of money in the past on Presidential system of government, for us to fast track development in the country. As result of the waste in the past, I think parliament system is better .

“Let me say that the parliamentary will enhance more accountability and transparency.

Aliero said in his statement, I will tell you my mind on this issue, if I have my way, I am going to advocate for return to parliamentary system of government because I believe that presidential system of government is too expensive for us, is making us to spend so much resources that has limited on what we spend on development.

“Can you imagine a state governor will have more than 500 aides apart from commissioners, even at federal level, we have 42 ministers, many aides, so many advisers. Currently we are spending 75 percent of our budget on recurrent expenditure and very little for capital development.

“I will personally advocate for return to parliamentary system of government. It will even assist us a lot in passing the budget because the Minister will be a member of parliament. The Minister will be the one that will present the budget and will the one that will implement it.”

Also, the former governor Bayelsa state solicited for system whereby election will be conducted once in twelve years adding that parliamentary system is a way out of the country’s problem because the country has spent much on presidential system.

He solicited for system where there would be six vice-presidents in the country, with each region having a vice- president and each of the Vice President will rule as a President for two years each and after all of them finished their tenures another election will be conducted in the country.