CONFAB: Northern Delegates Betrayed Us -Kwankwaso

former Kano state governor

By Olusegun Emmanuel, Abuja.
Kano State governor, Mr. Rabiu Kwankwaso, has slammed delegates representing the interest of the North at ongoing National Conference, accusing them of compromising on the north agenda.

Kwankwaso, who berated the national confab delegates for agreeing to the five per cent increase in revenue derivation to oil producing states despite the current huge fund accrued to oil producing states said, the Conference was organised to achieve President Goodluck Jonathan’s personal interest .

In an interview with newsmen in his office yesterday, Kwankwaso questioned President Jonathan’s motive, saying he had ulterior motive to use the confab to achieve his personal goal of pleasing his region.

Kwankwaso accused northern delegates of not speaking with the voice of the people they represent, saying they instead succumbed to the federal government’s ill-conceived demands.

He expressed concern that some delegates are weak and cannot perform well at the confab.

The Kano governor stated that there are multiple ways oil producing states are making big money from the federal government, such as royalty, SURE-P and NDDC but have nothing to show for it.

Kwankwaso said that whoever endorsed such arrangement of increasing revenue derivation to states that already have enough either does not understand the issues at stake or has ulterior agenda to kill the country.

He blamed the federal government for playing to the gallery, saying all of such ulterior motives of Mr President are the root causes of insecurity in the country.

Kwankwaso regretted that instead of the northern delegates to discuss the agenda agreed upon before they were sent, which is onshore/offshore, they went ahead to deliberate on the demands of oil producing states.

He called on delegates at the conference to deliberate on the fact that northern states need better attention to fight desertification, poverty and insecurity.