Buhari Will Take Back PDP’s “Stolen Mandate” In Taraba” Campaign Organization Vows


YOLA/By Tom Garba – Taraba State Chairman of Buhari Campaign Organization (BCO), Tukur Sambo has vowed to displace the ruling People’s Democracy Party (PDP) in the state, describing the 2015 election of Governor Mr Ishaku Darius as a “stolen mandate.”

Mr. Sambo, who spoke at the inauguration of BCO office in Jalingo, Taraba’s capital over the weekend, said the ruling PDP in the state has so far proven that they are not the legitimate owners of the mandate with nothing to show for it.

“In 2015 we have actually won the election but because of PDP way of doing things they have stolen the mandate of Tarabians and with virtually nothing good to show for it,” he said

He said the 2019 election is never going to be business as usual for PDP, adding that perpetrating elections irregularities against the wish of larger majority would not be allowed to happen.

According to him, the president can “go to sleep as he has done a remarkable campaign in awarding a multi-billion Naira contract of Mambila Hydroelectric power source and the construction of Numan Jalingo road which was a dead trap claiming the lives of many people.

”I’m telling you in confidence, Buhari will receive hundred percent of Taraba votes in 2019 because with the present government in the state, there is nothing to write home about, no medication, no education, no salaries and no empowerment,” he declared.

Adding: “We are ready for 2019 in Taraba and by what the present government in Taraba are doing I want to tell you that there is no PDP in the state.

“Experience has shown us that PDP has never won any elections in Taraba state, with this it became an eye opener for us, and the 2019 elections we are politically battle ready to win the election. We have identified how and where they rigged elections, we have enlightened our people and we have our men on ground from unit to State level of our elections.

Reacting, the Special Assistant to Taraba governor on Media, Bala Dan-Abu, dismissed the allegations of election rigging with his ‘wave of hand.”

He said the APC in Taraba seems to be sleeping all this while, advising them to wake up from their lazy slumber.

“Where were these people when APC challenged the mandate of Darius in court and the case followed all the judiciary processes and at the end of day Governor Ishaku was declared a winner? If they have been sleeping, it means they have been wrong on ignorance. Is it now they have relevance, they are really trampling on the rights and the processes of democracy”. Dan Abu said.

Mr. Dan-Abu also dismissed Mr. Sambo as an unknown quantity who is seeking for cheap relevance by all means, adding that he cannot contest the popularity of Governor Darius who, according to him, is having the support of Taraba people.


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