BREAKING: Army Strikes In Gabon, Sacks Ali Bongo


News Investigators/ A military take over has been announced in Gabon where mutinous soldiers overthrew the Ali Bongo’s decades reign in the Central African country.

The coupists kicked against the results of a presidential election that was to extend the Bongo family’s 55-year hold on power.

Gabon’s electoral body had announced that President Ali Bongo Ondimba, 64, had won the election with 64% of the vote early Wednesday morning. Within minutes, gunfire was heard in the center of the capital, Libreville.

A dozen uniformed soldiers appeared on state television later the same morning and announced that they had seized power.

The soldiers intended to “dissolve all institutions of the republic,” said a spokesman for the group, whose members were drawn from the gendarme, the republican guard and other elements of the security forces. (AP)


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