Boko-Haram Plans To Invade FCT’s Nieghbouring States -Intelligence Source


Sources from the Nigeria’s intelligence have reportedly received information of Boko Haram’s plan to take over Kano, Kaduna, Niger, Kogi and Nasarawa states, the four states that share border with the Federal Capital Territory.

Their intention, according to the sources, was to increase political instability in the country.
The sources added that the dreaded Islamist terrorist group intend to intensify bombings and chose busy locations to cause more deaths among civilians.

“Their move is to encircle [Nigeria’s capital city of] Abuja and increase the level of political instability in the country.”

It was also revealed that the insurgents’ plans had been drawn out of some Boko Haram members recently detained. 

“We have also acquired a lot of information about their [Boko Haram’s] plans through our interrogation of Aminu Sadiq Oguche.”

It would be recalled that Ogwuche is accused of masterminding several deadly bombings in Nigeria, including the attack on Nyanya bus station in Abuja, with more than 100 people killed. Ogwuche was about two weeks ago extradited to Nigeria from Sudan where he had been arrested and handed over to Interpol.

The source also commented on other pieces of information they gathered in the course of counter-insurgency work:

“Apart from information we have gathered from interrogating suspects, we are also tracking critical conversations by the group’s hierarchy and examining sensitive documents recovered after recent raids on their bases in Bauchi, Jigawa and Borno states

“We discussed with President Jonathan when we met during the end of the Ramadan fast and told him that we are ready to help stop Boko Haram. But we also told him that this is something the government must take action on. We’re doing our own, but we have limitations.”

Only within this week terrorists believed to be Boko Haram insurgents have launched 3 ghastly attacks in Kano, all of which were carried out with the use of female suicide bombers.

Terrorist are said to have employed the tactics of using female bombers because women cause less suspicion among operatives.