Boeing Aircraft Crashes In Russian Killing 52


A Boeing 737 has crashed while attempting to land in the Russian city of Kazan on Sunday, killing all on board.

Reports monitored on CCTV in Abuja said the 52 passengers on-board the airliner were killed.

The report said, the flight from Moscow made a second attempt at landing and exploded on impact, killing all passengers and six crew on board. The flames were extinguished one hour into the disaster.

The flight was operated by the regional Tatarstan airline, a ministry spokeswoman said.

Details of what led to the crash was sketchy.

However, an emergency services source told Interfax that the pilots made a mistake when entering the second lap, causing the plane to crash. However, the source added that there is a possibility that it was a technical failure, according to Russia Today.

Another report said the plane attempted to land three times before crashing.