Attack On Jonathan: Nigeria Prosperity Project Berates APC


-Urges Party To Restrain Supporters
An Abuja based non – Governmental Organisation (NGO), Nigeria Prosperity Project(NPP), has urged All Progressive Congress(APC), to restrain his supporters from attacking President Goodluck Jonathan campaign convoy, dismissing as illogical APC’s allegation that it was People Democratic Party supporters that attacked the president.

President Goodluck JonathanThe group further urged political parties and their candidates to respect the peace pact on non- violence polls so that the outcome of the election would be  credible and acceptable to all concerned.

The NPP made this known in a statement issued and signed  by Louis Ebodaghe, National Co-coordinator of the group in Abuja that the unfolding scenario ahead of the elections in which political supporters engaged in violent activities is ungodly and does no good to any one.

They pointed out the attacks on Jonathan’s campaign  convoy in Katsina and Bauchi states by hoodlums believed to be followers of an opposition party  and urged political leaders to call their supporter to order.

The group particularly frowned at the reaction of APC through its spokesman, Mr. Lai Mohammed alleging that the supporters of the ruling PDP were behind the attacks.

According to NPP ” We believed the APC should be honourable enough to admit guilt and call its supporters to order. The statement on the unfortunate incidents  issued by Mohamed is shocking as it is embarrassing. It is alarming that people who aspire to lead the country are this kind of group.

“This unarguably unleashes a moral burden on the APC. There is  no need for bulk passing . Let’s face facts as they are. The APC should take responsibility and honestly apologize to the nation.

” Somehow, amidst this situation, something positive is in the offing. Nigerians now know who the liars are. They can now spot the difference and make an informed choice at the polls.

“Campaigns are avenues to market your party and candidates.  Tell them what you have  done in the past and what you intends to do if elected. It is not a theater of war. Those who are promoting violence and willfully covering up are the real enemies of Nigeria . They are those who have no agenda other than violence and vengeance.

“We shall continue to stand for the truth and what is good for the peace , unity and progress of Nigeria. “