Atiku Vows To End Poverty, Unemployment


YOLA/Dan Gambo – A former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, has declared to run for president of Nigeria under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), vowing to end poverty and unemployment.

Mr Abubakar made the formal declaration in a mega rally in Yola, Adamawa state capital on Saturday.

Flanked by the national chairman of the PDP, Uche Secondus, among other top officials of the party, the former vice president said he has decided to run for the presidency of Nigeria to correct the grave danger of poverty, unemployment and insecurity that the APC government of President Muhammadu Buhari has plunged Nigeria into.

“Under Buhari’s government, Nigeria has become a divided country than it has ever been in its history. Nigeria now has the highest unemployment rate in the country as over ten million Nigerian youths are unemployed in the country,” Mr. Abubakar declared.

Adding that, “APC government has destroyed our economy, taking over Nigeria’s economy with the economy growth measured at 7℅ and brought it down to less than 2℅.

“Our country has become insecure than it has ever been in the history of the country and more people have been killed in Nigeria under the APC government than in Afghanistan when it was at war.

“The government of PDP is ready to bring back to Nigerians the era of prosperity, security and wealth.”

The national chairman of the PDP, Uche Secondus while speaking at the occasion said, APC has failed completely and has blood trailing it everywhere it goes.

Mr. Secondus said, the government has failed to remit funds to state governments in the past two months due to failure in governance.

He criticised Buhari’s government as a government that has failed to take care of its citizens.

He called on Nigerians to mobilise and vote against a government that has failed to provide jobs for Nigerian youths.

The Kaduna state Chapter of PDP, Philip Hassan Hyat in an interview after the rally said Buhari’s claims on corruption war is full of injustice and lopsided.

He reiterated that the Buhari led government is habouring people with corruption cases against them, with a good number of people in his kitchen cabinet being indicted by anti-graft agencies.

According to Mr. Hyat said “the country has been dragged down, everybody is at the receiving end and any other party that come up will receive a lot support to vote out APC government.

He said since PDP did not disintegrate as expected in some quarters, it became a national rallying point to rescue all Nigerians from the maladministration of APC administration and eminent collapse.

He accused the APC led government of conducting unfree and unfair state and local government elections across the country.

”There is no success recorded in this present government, if you scratch what people are calling success you will discovered there is nothing there to call success.

”For success to stand the test of time there must be justice, this government is not leading in justice for all Nigerians,” he said.


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