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Army Alleges Plot By Foreign Media, NGOs To Sabotage War On Terror

By Nuel Suji, Abuja -The Nigerian military authorities have raised alarm over an alleged plot by those it described as “unscrupulous and unpatriotic” to thwart the gains of the on-going war against the Boko Haram insurgents.Nigerian Army

The military accused some “foreign media, non-governmental and civil society organisations with some of their Nigerian affiliates” of plotting to start making false claims of human rights violations against the Army.

Though, it was not clear the true identity of the accused, “they are driven by material and pecuniary gains,” the military said in A statement Tuesday.

“The Nigeiran Army would like to reiterate and renew its commitment to upholding human right principles and practice. We have been protecting human rights and we are not party to any breach of human rights in our country or during any of our operations”.

Details of the statement read:

It has come to our knowledge that some foreign media, Nongovernmental and Civil Society Organizations in collaboration with some of their Nigerian affiliates and Civil Society Organizations for reasons best known to them are about to start making false claims of alleged human rights violations by the Nigerian Army.

It is clear that these group of people and their collaborators are not happy with the progress made on the efforts to solve the security problems bedeviling our nation as manifested in the terrorists activities.

The implication of such act is not lost on us as it is capable of thwarting the gains in the fight against terrorism and insurgency. In addition, these unscrupulous and unpatriotic elements are far less concern about the general well being of our citizens.

We would not condone any Human rights abuses. Where there are allegations of human rights violation by any individual or group, this would be thoroughly investigated & those found guilty would be brought to book in accordance with extant laws.

Therefore, the Nigerian Army would not succumb to blackmail and neither would it be distracted from its determined effort of defending the territorial integrity of our great nation and safeguarding the security of its citizens.

Army. We would continue to solicit the support of well meaning Nigerians in this regards.



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